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      So it was my very first time going to Tina's and I really hoped for the best. I went in for a full set and the person who did my nails was an older woman and she was doing fine until that machine came and it was just terrible. She started to use is to file my nails but then she began to just go to my cuticles. It hurt really bad the first time but I thought it was an accident but then she did it again and again. At the end she painted my nails not so well but my cuticles hurt really bad.

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      100:1 leverage on your forex account allows you to earn/lose 100x using the same account balance, but that’s not the point of this article. I want to open your eyes to how you can use this simple principle to change your life.

      Let’s look at an example of leveraging time.

      As an employee, you’re selling your time to your boss.

      Don’t kid yourself here… You trade your time for money, all the fancy dental plans and paid holidays do is mask the fact that your time is a commodity that the business uses to generate a profit.

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      By the end of the day, I finish it with my second stream to wrap things up, and once I am off my screens, I am done for the day. See, there is really nothing fancy with what I do. If there is one takeaway in this, it’s that learning is vital. It’s what helped grow into the Forex trader that I am today. It helps me fortify what I already know, and it is what’s keeping me grounded.

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      If you want to do buzz-cuts ONLY then you could get the Wahl 'Balder'. But if you want to do other types of cuts like clipping the back and sides quite short, the top longer, and then blending-in those two sections – then get the 'Designer'. It has the same quality motor professional barbers get inside the unit available to them.

      It has no DVD and comes with less combs than some other models. That's how they 'con' us into buying the cheaper motor. But you can can find plenty of youtube clips how to use clippers (even rips of the actual Wahl DVD) and extra combs are pretty cheap from the place you buy the clipper, or shopping centre 'hair' shops like Shaver Shop.

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      Hm, good info, thank you, I'll think on it. I could probably do it tech-wise, and I appreciate the tool specsl :) My thing is usually if you get install guys involved on any of it, they don't like to do just the part you want done, they want to do it all the way they always do it, and they don't understand all the other factors that are involved in why it is the way it is. They don't care about the whole design, and how things fit in, and rarely want to understand, just steamroll over you "This is how we do it!!" Yeah, well, I am not a fan of the results you get when you do it that way.... Could be I'm just an alien :) And I haven't done anything more than chat with any of the local HVAC guys, but what I heard didn't give me the feeling "yes! This is who I want to work with!" the feeling I got was "this is how we do it, because this is how we do it, no other input wanted."

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      I'm getting some newborn photos done of my baby. But my best friend is a photographer so it's going to be done at home in our own time. They say you have them done within 1st 7 days as they can easily lay them in position for photos and get lovely sleepy photos. I paid for my sister to have a photoshoot of my nephew at 4 days old, he was so sleepy he didn't notice anything was going on, he was kept warm, fed & dry.

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      Our favourite bar is in Obuda: catch the No 1 to Becsi Ut, then get on a 17, 19 or 41 tram to Kolosy Ter, only a few stops, Get off the tram and walk down the hill for 100 metres and turn left and about 200 metres away you wull see Fapados Sorozo: a proper watering hole, all human life is there, but posh or trendy it ain't - Fapados means 'third class'. Get back on a 19 or a 41 to got to Bathyhany Ter, or a 17 for Szell Kalman, the main transport hub on the Buda side.

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