#1 The Venezuelan Doctor Fighting Malaria and Maduro von alisawhite123 25.12.2019 10:12

The government thugs stormed Dr. Oscar Noya's offices
Online Cigarettes Store USA late at night when nobody was around. They knocked down a wall, stole some fresh scientific records and even yanked out the electric cables. The whole malaria department at the Tropical Medicine Institute here was plunged into darkness.

It wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. The government of Nicolás Maduro doesn’t like the institute’s scientific findings, which show a huge increase in malaria cases, a deadly metric of this country’s disarray. The Maduro regime’s thugs, known Newport 100s Box as colectivos, set out to intimidate anyone and anything seen as a threat. But this is a particularly striking example of autocracy out to demean and defeat science, no matter how many lives are at stake.The day after the malaria department was pillaged, I met with Dr. Noya as he was surveying the damage. He didn't appear to be bothered by the mob's violent act. He had bigger concerns: the blood samples inside the big refrigerators would be useless if kept in warm temperatures for too long.

Noya belongs to a group of legendary doctors and researchers who once managed to defeat malaria here. Later, when the disease had a resurgence, Noya kept it in check. Now, with the breakdown of services in Venezuela, malaria and other tropical scourges are back, wreaking havoc all around the country.

According to the latest data gathered by the Tropical Medicine Institute the mosquito-transmitted disease Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes has increased by 209 percent in the last four years, with half a million people now infected. Venezuela also is suffering from epidemics of measles and diphtheria.

The 68-year-old Noya, a parasitologist who got his PhD from the Tropical Medicine Department at Louisiana State University, is on the front line in the ongoing, frantic battle against malaria, even as his work is severely underfunded and his personal safety is threatened not only by the regime's rulers and their henchmen but by the tropical diseases he is fighting.

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