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It is said that father's love is like a mountain, and mother's love is like water. Yes, my father's love is as strong as the mountain, and it is our strongest backing. The father is the pillar of the family, the capable person in life, and the old father in the study paid for the family and never thought of return. Therefore, we have a special holiday, Father's Day, to express our deep love for our father. Father, the proudest man in my life is the man I admire most, and the "Superman" in my heart. He is not good at expressing, but I can deeply feel his love. Because of his education, I went from ��off track�� to ��on track��. When I was a kid, I kept my boy ��s hair, did the same things as the boy, and became a group with the boy. Tricky, crying at every turn. I remember it was a year of winter, and it was snowing with goose feathers outside. I and my partner agreed to go skiing. The content is very simple. I glide on an icy road and divide it into two groups. The accumulated group wins. Smashed by a snowball. The game started. The little friends took their best efforts, and their strength was not to be underestimated. My appearance as the finale of our group was directly related to our team's winning or losing. My competitive ambition was too strong, and the focus was unstable. A "dog mud" flew straight out. On that day, I became the biggest joke. After returning home, I was always unhappy Cigarettes For Sale. I care too much about her eyes. My mind was detected by my father, so I talked with my father. The father said, "You're nothing. You don't cry when you see you fall. It doesn't mean that you are strong! What a small failure counts, we still have many opportunities. Failure is not terrible, terrible. The thing is that you do n��t have the confidence to win. You have to remember something this time Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The kind of game is not suitable for you. You are a girl and you always have a distance from the boys. I hope you can understand what I said Marlboro Cigarettes. Ah, a long time later, I became a girl. So, the arrival of Father's Day, I want to surprise him. I have a lot of ideas, just don't turn surprise into fright. Just that day, I want to give him a foot so that he can also appreciate my filial piety. My father dedicates his youth to work, so that we have a carefree life, so I want to let my father rest more; my father likes fishing, so I want to have a fishing match with my father that day; I also want to be my father in person I am looking forward to a celebration of Father's Day, because it is a day to remember and unforgettable. Father's Day was on the 18th of June, and the birth test was also here. My father definitely hoped that I would have a good grade, so the biggest "gift" is a satisfactory transcript. He said that I would be proud of him.
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