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In the morning of the Danshui River, the thin blue mist had not been lifted, and the rumors were loud. He stood by the river and looked at the boat returning home. I stood by the window and looked at him, very curious: every Sunday morning What are you doing here? He made some strange places a little strange. When the boat was docked, he hurried to catch up and looked at the slender man, shouting the horns as he learned, kicking his feet, leaning back, and closing his hands back and forth, sometimes tight, sometimes relaxed. Occasionally, he changed his position, "No rope in my hand, what is he playing with?" I looked at his funny look and couldn't help laughing Newport 100S. Immediately afterwards, he stepped forward and talked to the disembarker, only to see the trackman coming down from the boat shook his head and left. Leave him alone and continue the action just now. I couldn't hold back my curiosity. I stopped writing my homework, ran downstairs, and asked him, "Why do you stand here every day to learn their moves?" "He didn't look at me, his eyes were only on those people Parliament Cigarettes." Why stretch? It's so tiring. Only those who don't have enough money can pull fiber. "Because of the lack of money, my uncle was pulling fiber, so I said so. He didn't speak, and soon he co-ordinated with his funny set of moves:" Because of the power, I have the power every day, I want to learn from them, where to come from Perseverance and perseverance, and then took a photo record. "I trembled in my heart. It turned out to be a photographer. I was uninterested and went home at noon. My grandmother asked me to deliver food to the uncle. I saw that he was still there. I ran to the uncle and asked him, "Hey, he wants to take a picture of us, learn to draw fiber, not learn well, you go back to do your homework, study well. Uncle chopped two meals in a hurry. I saw that he was still learning how to be a trackman, shouting a trumpet, and stopped. Picking up the camera hanging on his chest, he took two pictures with a "click", and immediately Put down and learn how they look like. I can see him clearly, wearing glasses, a big mole on the nose, and a thin body standing in the wind. I learn his appearance, shouting the trumpet, in my heart Filled with a burst of strength Marlboro Red, with the body's swing, the strength gathered around my heart, I understood him: it turned out that he was waiting for the strength of his own experience! Only his own practice can understand the true truth, and I must learn from him with unremitting vitality. Feeling what I understand, the fog gradually dispersed, I was relaxed, I seemed to be blown into the wind, the snoring remained, and I began my story with the sentiment of learning.
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