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With the development of reform and opening up in these years, the motherland has undergone tremendous changes. Great changes have also taken place in my home. In these inadvertent five years, happiness has come quietly. My home turned from a wet, cold and small bungalow of 78 square meters in the old city into a 140-square-meter wide bungalow Marlboro Cigarettes. We lived in a closed and high-end residential area in the eastern district. Every time you walk in and out of the gate of the community, the uncle at the door always smiles and greets us, making me suddenly feel as warm as spring breeze. Cross the quiet lawn path, turn right, and soon come downstairs to my house. I pushed the door a little, and did n��t open it, so I asked my father curiously, "Dad, is the door broken?" Dad smiled and said, "This is an automatic door. It needs a credit card." As I said, I placed my magnetic card on the door of the credit card machine and automatically opened my house to live on the third floor Newport 100S. Although the floor is not high, you can take the elevator directly to your home. This can be convenient for many elderly and children's owners. I happily pressed the elevator, and instantly arrived home. Mom reached out her finger and the fingerprint door lock opened with a click. It ��s amazing! It can be opened without a key, which is awesome! I jumped with excitement! I ran into the house quickly, the large and bright living room, the neat master bedroom, the fragrant study, the warm daughter's room, and the multi-functional computer room. Wow! It's so pretty! At this time, my mother greeted me and said, "Cong Cong, this is a video walkie-talkie, you can see the guests can also talk to them. If you have a friend, just let him press your room number, you can Seeing them and helping them open the door, you can also tell in the call that the door is open. If you are not your friend, you must press the call button immediately, and Uncle Security will come to help you solve the problem. " I heard my mother ��s introduction and it was amazing, as if I had come to a smart world. I sat comfortably on the sofa in the living room and saw that the 32-inch TV turned into a 64-inch Full HD TV at once Cigarettes Online, as if watching a movie. It was really fun. With the advancement of technology, the computer in our home has Changed. In my childhood impression: it is a very ordinary computer. Although it has few functions, it can only type, play games, and listen to music. But dad treats it like a baby. He said that when he is in a bad mood, he can put a song to soothe his mood and release his emotions. When you are tired, you can also play some games to relax. What's more important is that you can use it to access the Internet, enter the colorful and vast network world, and collect all kinds of information and materials you need to find, which is extremely useful. Although this computer is very useful, the computer screen is too large, thick and heavy. Over time, it quickly became obsolete. Look, my home has another small and exquisite appearance, but a computer with huge memory, and an LCD display, it is really stylish! From the changes in my home computer, I deeply feel the rapid development of high technology, and human knowledge is getting faster and faster. We are fortunate and challenged to live in this era. If you don't work hard now, you will be abandoned by the times. I must study hard to keep up with the times.
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