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One figure is particularly loathed by Hong Kong’s black bloc and pro-democracy camp: Junius Online Cigarettes Store USA Ho Kwan-yiu was seen expressing gratitude to thugs who attacked protesters and passers-by in a train station in July. In early November he was the victim of a knife attack. As Sunday's vote approached, local press asked Junius Ho if he was confident about retaining his position as councilor. He said the question was “retarded.” And then he lost.

Such was the landslide that even Michael Tien Puk-sun, a legislator and relatively well-respected,Newport Pleasure moderate voice among establishment politicians, lost his seat to a newcomer.

The protest movement has galvanized Hongkongers, who first cornered the city’s government into scrapping proposed extradition to mainland China, then more broadly rose up against a political system rigged by Beijing and its proxies. Some who were abroad flew in from the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other places just to cast their ballots on Sunday, flying out almost immediately afterward.

There were anomalies, like phantom voters at real or fake addresses. Some elderly people were guided in to cast their ballots—typically in favor of establishment figures. Others were bussed in to polling stations and handed gifts like sacks of rice, pillows, even rolls of toilet paper, Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes plus palm-sized reminders of who their vote should go to.

The Chinese Communist Party had previously said the seeds of terror were present in Hong Kong. CCP-run media outlet China Daily went further to say university campuses in Hong Kong are the “fortresses” of terrorism and democracy is a “malignant virus.”

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