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In the past six months, like a dream, the scene in the dream is so real, I would rather never have happened. I saw my loved ones sleeping forever in the familiar old house. I know what kind of nightmare I will face. She likes to stay at her hometown and is not willing to leave. When I go to the big city to go to school, I don��t go back in a year. Instead, she often comes to see me. Every month, I like to change the theme to live, but in those half years, I have seen life warm and cold. I witnessed her getting thinner, once discharged, once again admitted to the hospital, accompanied by a hospital, father, grandfather, aunt, even if the business is ridden, always take care of, and I rarely see her. Every time I pass, I can always see her smiling face and the crying face of her loved ones. Gradually, she lost consciousness and could not speak. I also clearly remembered that the mother was silently wiping tears at the door, her father��s painful face, and her smile. No one told her, she naturally understood. Later, she completely lost consciousness, could not eat, never blinked, I always called her, even gave her music, she did not wake up, I cried again and again, I hope this is a joke. At 16:38 on July 18, in the familiar old house, she left us, and I was still looking forward to the road: Grandma, I am coming. Going back to the long-lost old house Parliament Cigarettes, I only saw my grandmother lying there quietly. I was in tears and there was no familiar thing in my eyes. Only she was dressed, she was dressed, her old clothes were neat, her hair was neat. In front of it, it is two musk and tribute. Grandpa kept shouting: "The old treasurer, the old treasurer, the grandson came to see you, you see him! See you..." Grandpa's eyes were red, and the voice gradually became Cried, I held her hand, and after I finished the process from hot to cool, I returned to my usual life, and all the time, what is true? A big dream in the world, life is a few cool autumn. I understood the mood of the poet and I chose to forget. Spring flowers and autumn months have passed by, I can always see her voice and smile at midnight, but I can reach out but can't touch. Seeing the green willow red, the wheat waves rolling, I can always think of childhood and her in the park, in the farmland, on the riverside. During my lifetime, on those sunny days, I pushed her in the community, chatting about the sky, enjoying the touch of the sun, who knows, it was the last time alone. In those half years, I even wanted her to leave early and be free from illness. When she left, I was wrong. I couldn��t accept her departure anyway. On the seventh day of her death, no mosquitoes bothered me. I knew she was helping me to repel mosquitoes because I was most afraid of mosquitoes. Although she is old Cheap Cigarettes, she still wants to be in the forefront of the world. I have come up with the way I teach her to use a mobile phone Newport 100S, but whenever I call that phone, the cold female voice tells me that her phone is turned off, I want to cry. The tears have already drained. I also understand why my father knows that she has ineffective medicine and continues to treat. When I find the answer, I grow up. Although we know that there are things we can't do, we still want to save. She was buried in the mountain, the place where she lived the earliest life. Sitting quietly beside her tomb, Songtao bursts, insects sing, but the mountains are breeze and sunshine, accompanied by the melody of nature, overlooking the red dust, the waters of the dead. I want to sit down like this. The pine trunk next to the tomb seems to be her thin and firm face; and the land under her feet is like her generous shoulders and chest. It is autumn, the leaves are yellowish and crumbling. When the leaves are all falling, she will be covered, warm and incomprehensible, and I will not feel the cold wind of winter, but also make me feel good. I understand that life needs to be revived. This is the only way to grow. Only when you can grow up can you see through the truth, understand and recollect the power of gratitude, and with a respect for the deceased, actively face life. When I think about you, I will come here to see you. When will the moon shine? You can only travel thousands of miles, only you companion. We are willing to turn our thoughts into torches and illuminate the sky. Grandma, go all the way, the road to heaven is bound to be bright!
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