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Boeing Dream Machine, contact off the field 118.68. good night. "Dream takes off and remembers, the original dream still remembers, when the sky was a child, when I was crying, as long as my mother held the airplane-shaped electronic lantern switch, the music sounded, the propeller swung, and I was quiet. Since then, my heart has planted the seeds of aviation. Ten years later, when I hold the joystick Marlboro Cigarettes, I always think of it when I take off. The corner of my mouth can't help but smile, repeating it over and over again, just to complete a perfect Dream flying. Gradually, I grew up and painted a new boat with that clumsy handwriting. Now it seems so awkward and ridiculous. But how beautiful it is in my little heart. Ten years later I used a smooth brushstroke to paint a dream 787. Maybe there is a day, I will really drive a 787, it may be old, has been eliminated. It will still rush like its ancestors 747 The blue sky on the elementary school, I often sit at the end of the airport runway Newport 100S, only watching a plane take off, landing... staring at the blue sky with a golden frame... one aircraft a frame. Ten years later, I was able to sit in one of the planes. I remember that I was flying for the first time. It was a 737-800 passenger plane. It gave me the feeling of being fat and fat. When I submitted a flight form to the captain, I got my wish. Into the cockpit. I can't forget the cockpit of the Airbus 321, the flowing lines, the shiny instruments, the mysterious cockpit, and finally the face. I started to model. No one believes in a small part of a box. It will be a plane that wants to fly. A plane model is born in my hands. That kind of joy comes from the heart, although it can't be like a real plane Marlboro Red, but put a passenger plane At home, turning your own home into an airport can also satisfy your wishes. Junior high school is a flight that has flown for three years. Today, decide, lift the wheel, rush to the blue sky, let us dream to set sail, remember to remember, Forget the forgotten, change can change, accept can not change. - Inscription youth, a rushed book. Youth, a road that can not turn back when gone. Youth, the years passed in the rain and the sun. of The curtain hangs on the head, and the star is embellished with extraordinarily mysterious, the most shining star, which is representative of our youth. On the road, we occasionally lose our way. Youth, a tangled time, we want to grow fast Big, escape the bondage of parents, soar in the world outside. But what? We are afraid of growing up, afraid of the pressure of this society, afraid of the responsibility of this society. We are afraid, afraid of the passing of youth, fear I haven��t done what I want to do. I��m afraid that when I understand it, everything is already in the past. Sometimes I am afraid, I am afraid that after the college entrance examination, I will say goodbye to the youthful ceremony of the youth, and I am afraid of the difference after graduation. When people say that the years are ruthless, I will feel sorry for them and feel very fortunate for myself. I am still a good friend with youth. I can still enjoy the days with him. In fact, youth is not just a good time, it is even more A state of mind, "What is youth? Years of stealing can not go simple. "Even if youth is about to say goodbye, at least we still have that young heart, the mentality of youth. Life is just a red dust, youth should be unreserved. Our youth will one day pass away, and someone will always enjoy it." The beauty of youth. Even if youth is not there, when you think of young, you will pay a smile. Life is like this, you are not happy! The flowers are finally turned into red. When facing the confusion of youth, choose the road of the distance! Pain or injury, as long as you don't regret it, don't give in. I am running all the way, eager to find a face similar to me in a crowded and hurried crowd, she has a similar fate with me. I can be on her body. Seeing the reference of your life, where to go, no longer so shackled. Youth, is the most precious memory for everyone, it contains laughter, pain, growth, metamorphosis, is the most beautiful note under life. It is the most beautiful melody youth in everyone's heart, red hot, red frivolous.
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