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How rich is rich enough for you'millionaire Cheap Nelson Agholor Jersey , billionaire, trillionaire? Someone from the ghettos of New York City might think having a swimming pool is rich. A person living in an impoverished third world country may consider anyone with running water to be rich. It's all relative.

We learn early on that money and material possessions define how rich we are. We also learn that we never have enough of either of these. Walk into any middle class family's home with children these days and take a look at the toy collection. Chances are you won't find a crateful, but a roomful! How many birthday parties have you been to where you've watched a child frantically tear the off the wrapping on their gifts (as if a bomb would explode if it wasn't opened in ten seconds) only to fling the present off to the side in order to get to the next one? Hence the pattern begins of wanting more while never feeling like you have enough.

Of course, we should know deep down inside that money isn't the only measurement of richness in life, but alas we live in a society where advertisements Cheap Sidney Jones Jersey , news media and retail stores paint a different picture?one with large green dollar signs against a backdrop of colorful merchandise and subliminal promises of happiness and success. There's nothing wrong with wanting and having it all. The problem exists when we make it our top and only priority in life. That's when it gets ugly; people get greedy and use unscrupulous methods to get want they want. Look at what happened during the booming economy of the mid to late nineties?wealthy business people, stock brokers and well known media personalities were convicted of trying to amass even more money with their white collar crimes.

Here's a news flash: you can be as rich a woman as you want in life; there is plenty of abundance in the universe for everyone. You may need to adjust your definition of what rich is to you and certainly expand that definition to include other things besides money and possessions'love, respect, friendship, admiration Cheap Derek Barnett Jersey , name a few. When you do that, you'll realize how abundant your life really is, and your perception immediately changes from one of lack or need to one of abundance.

Universal law goes like this: ?Like attracts like?. You will attract more riches into your life, including money, if you already see yourself as rich. Maybe in the end you'll decide that you have enough money. Maybe you'll decide you deserve more. Either way Cheap Jay Ajayi Jersey , you're more likely to have and receive money if you come into it with an attitude of abundance rather than one of poverty.

Call upon Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of abundance, beauty and happiness to help you build both your material and spiritual wealth as both are equally important. Lakshmi is said to have been born, fully-grown, out of the ocean on a lotus petal and adorned with precious jewels Cheap Fletcher Cox Jersey , gold and gifts. There is a chant you can use to invoke the presence of Lakshmi: ?Om Nameh, Lakshmi Namah?. She is always available to bring good fortune to includes you Goddess!

5 Ways to Be Rich:

? Count your blessings in all areas of your life everyday.

? Celebrate successes with friends and family.

? Visualize having what you desire, rather than focusing on not having it.

? Don't compare your life or money with that of another?we each have a unique path.

? Always place a higher value on love than money.

A Short and Snappy History of Bowling

Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th, 2010

As the most popular sport during the reign of King Henry VIII of England, bowling is still one of the most popular sports in the world. Over 100 million bowlers from nearly 90 countries participate in the sport. The popularity of bowling has been traced back many years and the game has contributed benefits to many people world wide.

The memoirs of bowling start in 5200 B.C. when some archeologists unearthed ancient forms of bowling pins and balls in the crypt of a child with Egyptian lineage. This discovery proves that Egyptians were the earliest bowlers in the world.

From that time on Cheap Carson Wentz Jersey , bowling has taken many forms, using different pins and balls and played for different purposes. For instance, during 200 A.D., it has been recorded that Germans were fond of festivities and "village dances" and that among their ancient rituals was a game that resembles bowling today.

In this particular German game, Germans rolled or threw rocks or stones at nine clubs that were made of wood. These clubs are known as "kegles" Cheap Dallas Goedert Jersey , and that is why Germans who played this type of bowling were known as "keglers" and not bowlers.

After so many years of struggle for recognition, bowling was finally recognized in England as a form of sport during the 1100s.

From that time on, the popularity of bowling created an epidemic-like influence, infecting millions of people. King Edward III even prohibited the game so that his knights would focus their attention on the "archery practices" instead of rolling the balls.

By the 17th century, when the United States was still a colony Cheap DeSean Jackson Jersey , bowling was introduced in the area. The "Dutch" colonists brought this remarkable game to the Americans. They introduced a game of nine pins that are placed in a triangular formation, hence, the name "Dutch pins".

As the nine pins or the "Dutch" pins strived to claim fame, the state of Connecticut banned the playing of "nine-pin" bowling because some unscrupulous people used the game as a means for their gambling activi

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