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When I was writing a book for friends, I listened to my grandfather at 450. "The ideal book is the key to wisdom." At that time, I still didn't know what it meant, until now I finally understood. The book is my best friend, and it allows me to broaden the horizons of the rich. The book is a bridge that can take me to the other side of success; the book is a key that can open the door of wisdom. I am often told by the story in the book. I was moved by tears, and often caused me to cry because of the sadness of the ending of a certain article. Like the little girl selling matches Cigarettes Online, the little girl died, but she made my heart full of love; "The Wizard of Oz" made me understand The importance of unity and cooperation; "The Old Man and the Sea" made me understand how strong; "Journey to the West" made me love Sun Wukong's lively and clever, supernatural powers. Because I like reading books, I also made a lot of jokes. I remember that once my mother was not at home, I was optimistic about the soup that was burning on the pot. Because I was too fascinated by the novel, I was absent-minded and replied, and returned to the plot of the novel. When I looked at it, I fell deeply into the plot of the novel. Time passed by, and I completely forgot my mother��s eternal things, forgot everything around me, forgot the time, and only entered the contents of the book. After a period of time, my mother came back. He asked happily: "Tangyu is good! You can eat." I suddenly realized that, regardless of the March 7th Marlboro Gold, I ran to the kitchen, opened the lid and found the inside Online Cigarettes. The water was almost dried up. I quickly turned off the gas and apologized to my mother. Because of this, I was criticized by my mother. After that, my mother would call me to remind me if I let me see the potThe book is like a magnet that attracts me and guides the direction of my life. It is my good friend, so that I will cry for it, laugh, and be sentimental.
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