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I really like to listen to Wang Suzhen's "Demeanor". Every time the melody sounds, it always drives my sad feelings. Sometimes I listen to the heart and feel sad Marlboro Cigarettes. His original intention was to depict love, but all my memories of friendship always accompanied my music in my mind. I like the phrase in the lyrics, "The story can be repeated, the time is no longer, the feeling needs a little blank, to sort out the regrets." It is very graceful, sings very gracefully, and evokes memories of my demeanor. I accompanied the lyrics "Messing the Humorous Arrangement of Destiny" and remembered the friendship I had been teased by you. On the day of the school, we became the first friends we met in this new environment. Their height, body, appearance, family, and grades are almost two people. They should be able to get along very well �C at least I started. thought. I didn't expect that there were so many similarities, so that the film between us became a little hollow under the catalysis of time, and it could not be repaired. Teacher Tian praised you again. In the whole class, I am very upset. I know that I should not be sad. My good friend has improved and I have been praised. I should be happy. However, the teacher has regarded the two of us as opponents at the beginning. I do not deny that in my heart, I regard you as an opponent more than a friend, and compare everything with you. Gradually, every time you make progress, every high score is turned into a layer of hatred piled up in my mind, like the lyrics, "Look at the dimples on your face, sing a betrayal of love songs, emotions are not me. "I started to hate you, hate this and you can even show my own shadow." We are so similar that even this kind of heart is like a copy. At that time, we were called by the teacher to change the mathematics homework on the podium Newport 100S. I took the perfect score with great enthusiasm, but you did not play well. I was praised, especially under the sorrow of your sadness. I felt that the sky was very clear. My character is straightforward, my face can't cover the spring breeze, you have the same personality, and the unhappy emotions are all written on the face. After class, although we still went out of the classroom together, but not shoulder to shoulder as before, you deliberately stay away from me, I suddenly feel that the distance between us is far away, I can not see you, can not see your heart . I know that cracks begin to break between us, and if we accidentally break, we need to be carefully protected like a vase. So the dialogue between us became more and more polite, more and more unnatural, and even worse than ordinary friends think of it. The lyrics and melodies of "The Demeanor" seem to be filtered again in my mind, filtering out the happy part Marlboro Red. Only the sad mood left, stabbing me like a sword, we finally got along with the crack, and no one tore it. Just like the lyrics, "I know that your tears are just a helplessness. I can give a gentle smile and let go."
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