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Life is alive, whether it is the moonlight or the wind and rain, whether it is a flower or a smog, we always have to face the joy of success and the pain of failure. No matter the difficulties in the world and the geometry, we must always face it and overcome it before we can achieve success. But sometimes we were blinded by the sand and lost our way on the difficult road. How can we overcome? Is it a slap in the face, or is it halfway, sorry to lose? No, of course not. We have to give ourselves a "back road", a shortcut that allows us to learn to give way. Mo Yan, the winner of China's first Nobel Prize in Literature. His success includes the yearning and longing for the Nobel Prize for generations of Chinese. He is the pride of the Chinese, and it is the promotion and condensing of his life. However, he was also subject to various criticisms, but he did not confuse his own direction, but emphasized that he only wrote what he wanted to write. The root cause of this ambiguity is that Mo Yan did not show off impetuousness before he became famous Online Cigarettes. Instead, he used his time and real emotions to inject his literary crystallization into the text and pour into the course of life. He wrote not only the words flying between black and white, but the warmth between a person and his own people who wrote his life and his pursuit of ideals. Therefore, in the face of numerous questions, he did not have too many red-faced rebuttals, but chose to give in. He refutes the criticism of the people with an article that motivates generations of readers like "Frog" and "Red Sorghum" Marlboro Gold. Because of his concession and modesty, he still has a calm and rich heart in the moment of sensationalism. Therefore, he has achieved different achievements and glory from others. In fact, isn��t this the case in your own learning life? When the results are not ideal, there is confusion in the study. Can we only sigh and anger? I think that at this time, I should not be too stupid, but should retire, find out the cause of the mistake, study it carefully, and save it at the last moment. The achievements in the end must be extraordinary. Because this is the benefit of concession. Today, our retreat is not a compromise, but a defeat, but the transformation of the enterprising heart into the power of endeavor. We will not always give up, but we will take more morning dew and dress our flowers more beautifully. The rapids will cross the peak. Only when we first flow to the lower part will we have the power of rushing; After the full pull, you can shoot farther and more accurate. When life is alive, there will inevitably be difficulties and risks. Take a step back and broaden the sky and turn it into a new force for our advancement. At this moment, I know how to give in, and I know how to make people more beautiful and rich. because Parliament Cigarettes. Sometimes, retreat is to make better progress.

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