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The Audemars Piguet Ladies Royal Oak Offshore 26473BC.ZZ.8043BC.01 ladies watch case-Titanium metal case (44mm), anti-dazzle sapphire crystal mirror and bottom cover, black ceramic ring, crown and button, waterproof depth of up to 20 meters.

dial-Sapphire dial, white counter, platinum applied time mark and royal oak pointer, luminous coating, light silver inner ring watch ring.

The instrument was developed to meet the needs of divers or those looking to cope with intensive use of clocks, giving a decisive boost to performance. Royal Oak Offshore Diver is rugged and durable, able to withstand pressure at a depth of 300 meters and give full play to the main technical characteristics of the underwater Diver to ensure users always maintain reliable reliability. Fully compliant with the NIHS 92-11 (ISO6425) standard, this automatic upper chain model has a powerful design designed for use underwater and cannot be used in conditions where rough estimates are not optional. Working with this avant-garde material, which is about seven times harder than steel, requires special machines and tools equipped with diamond milling cutters that only diamonds can scratch.

The middle of the best swiss watches case is also polished and satin polished, a difficult technical challenge to achieve this level of quality due to the inherent wear resistance of the composite.With this reliable and efficient timekeeping, the developers focused on functionality and thoroughly researched to ensure optimal applicability in diving conditions. For example, to improve the readability and contrast of ocean depths, its black dial with a traditional 'MegaTapisserie' pattern is equipped for the first time with luminous orange hands that match the orange areas between 12 and 3 o 'clock on a diving scale that appears on a rotating inner ring. This vivid shadow can read all the important information in real time.

Compared with the traditional unidirectional external rotary circle, the rotating diving time preselection device has an abnormal position inside the shell, which is more complicated technically. It has the advantage of reducing parallax errors and protecting this element - which is crucial for divers to monitor its immersion duration - from impact and corrosive external factors such as water, salt or sand grains that can clog the surfers.

To adjust the diving time indicator, Audemars Piguet swiss automatic watches watchmakers developed a mechanism that can be controlled by a waterproof external crown at 10 o 'clock on the central side of the box. The system as a whole represents an important safety feature because once the crown is screwed back, the dive time is not inadvertently modified. Equipped with an innovative waterproof gasket system, it can be treated during soaking.

If needed, the technology already used in the upper chain crown will enable divers to perform various operations underwater.

The watch, which also offers a central second hand display and a 3 o 'clock date display, is powered by Audemars Piguet's automatic chain movement 3120 and can be viewed through a titanium back with a sapphire crystal case -- the first collection of divers at sea. The latter highly sensitive element, which must be able to withstand underwater pressure at depths of 300 meters, is screwed into the middle of the case to display the 22-carat solid gold pendulum, as well as some carefully designed finished core components, including a balance speed of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

This rugged, graphic, ergonomic and almost immutable watch focuses on necessities - which is why it's worn on a rubber strap with a titanium pin. This simple, efficient and time-tested fastening system allows the user to adjust the straps at any time to ensure a comfortable fit, whether worn directly on the skin or on a wetsuit. The timing audemars piguet replica watch's ceramic selection is all thanks to its excellent toughness and durability.

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