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I don't know how many people love the year and how many years of taste have been tasted. For example, in the flower-filled flower market, the poet does not taste the dishes that are fragrant and fragrant, and does not think about the warmth of the people's memory. He prefers to use the pen to describe the joy of the child's love for the New Year - "Children do not worry Newport 100S, songs are waiting for the dawn." Indeed, the child does not have to worry about how to get through the year, just need to face the seemingly countless and countless lucky money to steal the music for three hundred and sixty days, the hometown is still not contaminated with the alienity of the foreign land. I don't want to be accompanied by anyone. I can't finally understand the hardships of those who have gone home for the New Year. I only know that they can't be intoxicated in the flower market in a foreign city. It is different from ours. In fact, it doesn't matter whether it is a New Year or not. In order to string the names of relatives and friends, taste the neighboring aunt��s rice cake, eat the dumplings from the uncle��s house, and then smell their own braised fish, they involuntarily fall in love with the New Year. Just like the poet��s description, we are always busy. The last night of the year. It is our happiest thing to be a small follower to stick to the adults. Chinese New Year is to come over to the "years". With the friends, they have firecrackers, visited relatives and friends, and have eaten The coveted food, there is a way to play - the wind that wanders around them is like the "year". The rain that seems to be mixed with it seems to be violent, and the wind is more and more screaming. Threatening. "La midnight due to Kazamaki, spring is just before dawn horn blowing. "The timidity of the fire is flowing through the whole body, for fear that the "year" of the devil will swallow us. Several friends have entered the small kitchen of the rice cake aunt. It has never been found that the kitchen is so small, only Can accommodate a few of our gangsters. With the aunt not paying attention, secretly tearing off the small rice cake in the pot, how dare to eat sugar, it is stuffed in the mouth. Sometimes the steamer is too hot, put the hand down I was forced to take it back. But even if I was burned, I had to hold my hands together and hide in my pocket, so as not to let the aunt know. But our naughty ghosts always escaped the aunt's eyes. Whenever the aunt opened the lid and prepared to take it out. When this silky and tender rice cake is seen, we will see the small mouth that we secretly tore away. She will always smile at us and then pretend to be fierce and ask: "Which little mouse has bitten." This mouth? "We were scared by the anger of her face. No one dared to admit it. She put the uneven rice cake in the dish interestingly, and took the knife to cut a small piece along the uneven mouth, holding a small paragraph. Said, "Okay, let the little mouse that stole it eat this too!" If no one admits, then I ate. "Aunt deliberately put this little paragraph on her lips, but before I even had time to look at this seductive little one, I was stolen by the group of mice and mice. Later? Then, the rob When I stole the big hair, I smiled and opened my mouth. I deliberately pouted a very delicious look, and those who didn��t grab it, Xiao Bao, A Liang, Xiao Xiao? They pouted and walked straight out of the kitchen to the opposite door. The uncle��s family went as a little lynx. The wind circling over the various oily colors, wandering around the old wooden door that creaked, and there seemed to be a violent wave that rushed with it. There were rustling winds everywhere, pores shuddering The nerves are broken. Fortunately, the aunt and the uncle's family are only one foot apart. We all know that the uncles of the door are somewhat "childish", like the things we are interested in, love to play with us. Naturally, he I will never dislike our regular quail egg activities every year; on the contrary Carton Of Cigarettes, he will always help us, and even come up with some bizarre ideas to guide us how to swear. Slowly, we will kindly call him "a smashing brother". Sometimes next door The people heard this nickname and wanted to ask Online Cigarettes, but none of us told them, because this is a small secret between us and Uncle, and he greeted us at the door in a playful manner. After all, I stepped on this time every year. He, he is naturally familiar with the law. The few mice that have not been robbed will pretend to be sad and sad, which is enough to touch the uncle's heart. He is the most distressed of our sadness - after all, to ce
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