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It is also the year, every land in the countryside, all filled with a strong sense of the year, if every household does not like to celebrate a festive pair of red union, eat better than ordinary Jiazhen dishes, they are sorry for themselves Sorry for the busy work of these three hundred and sixty-five days. Then, this day has become completely tasteless, and the tasteless Qinsai returned to this familiar hometown. This grass and wood, a stone and a spring, know everything, and it is clear to the chest. The village surrounded by the mountains is very closed, the traffic is difficult to be like the sky, Li Bai talks about the road like a sky, otherwise, a circle of erection, the endless mountain is hard to isolate the village, just like the SARS epidemic The news of seriously ill patients about Qinsai's return to the village, inadvertently, caused great commotion, and each family was almost out of the nest, as if rushing to see the rare treasures, for fear that they were all thrown away by others, perhaps in their eyes. Qinsai is a rare treasure. At the time, a fiasco was defeated. People who didn��t say hello in half a year were rushing to the ground. The courtyard was blocked and the people were crowded. The chaotic scene was like a retreating enemy��s door, black T-shirt, dark blue jeans. And the pair of slightly yellowish white sneakers, this is Qin Sai, just coming back from the outside world. At this time, Qin Sai is like a rare animal in the zoo, letting people stop to watch it, and then a series of praises. "Is this still Qin Sai? It��s not seen in a few years, the city is full of people." Everyone nodded. I must come to my house to eat first." This aunt has a sharp voice, and he may still think that his voice is not bright enough. "Why should you go to eat, stuff, you like to eat the cake at home, it is rare to come back Wholesale Cigarettes, then Take a little more outside." The woman just began to sternly rebut, and then turned into a vivid contrast to the singer's invitation. Qin Sai took the woman for half a minute, vaguely remembering that he was the uncle of the uncle, surnamed Su, who stole the sweet cake of his family at that time, and the taste was really good. For this, she came to her mother to say bad things three times and five times. The mother sighed Qin Qin��s meal, and later she saw that she was not looking at her eyes and ignored each other. Now she is extremely flattering to climb the relationship, like the big yellow dog in the village before, to eat something, shaking her tail and sticking her tongue, seeing empty hands, falling down under the shaded trees, when I am hungry Maybe you can still bite you with a cold mouth, and you can't help it. The cold eyes seem to say: Why didn't you bring me food today? It��s funny, alms is a bit of a declining obligation. The good news is that there are no glass windows outside the village. I am afraid that in such an environment, it will be fragmented and scattered. With the advent of the night, the dense moonlight, the village was covered with a thin layer of black gauze Cigarettes For Sale, eager to wear, looming, just like the minds of the people in the village (the two houses burning red candles, giving off a yellowish glow, " It��s been three years since I��ve been there. I��ve had no news since I went there. In the past few years, only I and your mother chewed this unrequitable reunion dinner.�� Qin Laohan��s weather-beaten face adds a few joys. ��Yes. This is finally a hope. Come back, you pick up those people, usually you can't hit a shot, and today the crowded door is swarming and snobbish." The woman's angrily tone is a bit of a sigh of relief and smoothness. I was unable to piece together anything. Before he came to his mind, he had been thinking for a long time. At this time, he said: "It��s finally coming back. Father Qin Laohan thought that there are still the following, it might be a long story, how about the world outside, how to prepare Listening and listening, I paused and said, "Yes, yes, come back." Let the candle light refract the rich dishes of this table for a while, cold. "How are these outside? Qin Laohan had to break this atmosphere, and then eat it, and it was inevitable to leave the field "OK." Qin Sai replied "Don't do anything outside." "A company goes to work." Are you used to it? "When I first went, I was a little bit unacceptable. It was just a matter of time. So I had a ride without a ride. My mother would put a large piece of pork in the Qin Sai bowl, and it wouldn��t be a cold meal. Touching the belly that was eaten and bulging, and squatting on the criss-crossing country roads, there was a lot of thoughts in the heart. From here, I went back here, but the things were not hanging out. Yes, Qin Sai relied on the old banyan tree, in a daze, he did not have the literary lover's leisure Parliament Cigarettes, essays, and ink, his worry is only his vulgar long life, a step by step, this is older than his father. Chalet
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