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The Cardinals are standing on the gas.Not offensively Diontae Johnson Jersey , or in terms of wins and losses or anything, but for the top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.By losing to the Lions yesterday, the Cardinals moved back into a three-way tie with the 49ers and Raiders with 3-10 records as they jockey for the top spot (after both the Bay Area teams unexpectedly won).But draft ties are settled by strength of schedule rather than head-to-head or the traditional tiebreakers, and at the moment both the Cardinals and the 49ers are sitting with .527 percentages Justin Layne Jersey , meaning they’d be ahead of the Raiders (.565).If the season ended today, they’d be backed up by the 4-8 Falcons picking fourth and the Jets fifth, followed by the Bills, Jaguars Benny Snell Jr. Jersey , the 5-8 Buccaneers, Giants, and Lions. Also, a lot of people would be asking “Why did the season end after Week 14?”There’s still time for the strength of schedule numbers to adjust slightly — and for the bad teams to continue to lose — so the order is still fluid. If two teams finished tied in strength of schedule Zach Gentry Jersey , the league holds a coin flip at the Scouting Combine to break that tie. University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban said recently that he believes players often make “emotional decisions” to enter the NFL before they should and “suffer some really difficult consequences” as a result of those decisions.Saban cited a player who left his program in 2018 and became a starter after going in the third round as an example of a player who should have stayed in school to make more money by becoming a first-round pick the next year. Saban didn’t use any names, but Jaguars safety Ronnie Harrison was the only third-round pick from the school last year and it seems he heard what his former coach had to say.It’s safe to say that Harrison doesn’t agree with Saban’s read on the situation.<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-width="500" data-dnt="true">Coaches get so Butt Hurt Now Days About a Kid Making a Decision to live out his dreams and Go Pro. Makes me think do you really care about the success of the kid or how well your program performs? 🤷🏿‍♂️💯 #KeepMyNameOutYaMouth #Bama #Saban #GodGotIt— Ronnie Harrison II (@Rharr_15) April 7, 2019</blockquote>One can’t know how the 2018 season or 2019 draft would have gone for Harrison had he stayed in school. We do know that he started eight games as a rookie and is set to start again this year as he works his way toward a second NFL contract.

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