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Standing alone in front of the window, watching the street lights in the night, people's figure is long and short, the streets of the bustling streets show people of all kinds, suddenly a thunder, awakening me from the deep feelings, the thunder of winter? I came to the window, in the darkness of the night, the street lamp was like a dragon lamp that was played on the fifteenth month of the first month, and the undulating extension stretched out into the distance. I remembered her, what are you doing at this time? Is reading a book, watching TV or chatting with friends, my thoughts go to the window with white flowers, snow Wholesale Cigarettes, I am almost surprised by the sound, this is the first snow this year, under the snow Big, the sky is fluttering, snow is the messenger of the distance, is it with your information? The snow sprinkled on the window and fell to the ground. I opened the window and let the snow fall on my face. The phone is ringing in my heart. Who is this late phone call? Ah, it was snow. She told me that she came. She came from heaven. She came to the land to cover the quilts and sent rain to the world. We talked, a line connected to us. We talked about the sufferings and tortures of the past Online Cigarettes. When it comes to hard-won, today, she said, "I have to be confident in doing things. Have you seen me? How many hardships I have encountered in coming to the world, but there is sweetness in suffering, I am Isn't it coming?" The earth is listening to her complaints. They talk about life, talk about love, and talk about what is the best medicine for healing in the world. Some people say: It is red medicine. Some people say: It is Yunnan Baiyao. Some people also said: It is the right medicine. I said: "Love" is the best healing medicine in the world. She warms your cold heart from the bottom of my heart, helps your helpless will, cares for your wounded soul, and strengthens your confidence. Some people say that there is no true love in the world. But I can see the true love of the world from the snow and the earth Newport 100S. Snow is the rain to the earth. I will not hesitate to break free from the Heavenly Palace and turn into a six-linged flower to dress up the earth. She dissolves her whole body in the earth. In the land, the return of the snow, the birth of all things, the snow that dresses up the world, loves to sprinkle the world is not it? Writing this, I think of the poem of the unknown poet, Xue Xue of the Yuan Dynasty: "Make a look at Wanjia Qingjing, and make a beautiful flower." The ancients said the snow so unselfishly and beautifully, and made the heart of my love of Xue Xixue stronger. Snow is the messenger of lovers, the embodiment of love, and the pursuit of no private. The snow is still fluttering. Some people say that Ruixue Zhaofeng years, this year's first snow is much bigger than the snow in previous years. This may be a good sign for good years. I open the door and watch the snow start from the street lights. Dancing beautiful posture, when falling down in a timely manner, and sometimes shyly slanting and slanting, sometimes holding a group of submerged, in the shadow of light, a beautiful woman is smiling at me, laughing is so Sweet, laughing is so emotional, I open my heart to meet the beauty.
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