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"When the ball is turning both ways, it's especially difficult to read," he says. "You come up against left-arm wristspinners, guys with funny actions, and so it's something you have to train a lot against. Back home, we aren't blessed with too many legspinners. We have Ish Sodhi and [Todd] Astle and [Tarun] Nethula but nobody else [of that quality] you could train against and work on it. The wickets in New Zealand don't really turn as well. In T20s, it is really tough because you can't defend and play them out. You have to keep scoring. You need to find a way and there will be times when you will get out against them."

But, Munro has trained with Shadab Khan at TKR, Mujeeb Ur Rahman at Hampshire and Qais Ahmad at Balkh Legends. Have these stints boosted his confidence against wristspin?

"Just a fair bit," Munro says. "But a lot of these guys play international cricket and don't give too much away Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, which is fair enough, but there are times when I come up against Ish [Sodhi] at the nets and try to read him. For me, it's about the lack of enough confrontation, I might not be watching the wrist the whole way. I believe I pick it okay when I'm watching the wrist. And on surfaces like Sharjah, some spin more than the others and you can get yourself into trouble that way."

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