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"My bowling is also coming along nicely," he says. "I'm not bowling that much in these leagues, but internationally I've been bowling a fair bit now. Hopefully, I can start bowling more in leagues and become the guy who can bowl two or three overs. I have developed the knuckleball. I don't bowl fast. So, it's easier for me to deceive the batsman with a slower knuckleball or a cutter with little change in my action. Bowling it a few ks slower or making the batsman think the pitch is a bit two-paced could bring a wicket."

Although Munro has become a sought-after white-ball player, oppositions have identified his weakness against wristspin. In the past two years in T20 cricket, he has managed only 253 off 211 balls at a strike-rate of 119.9 against wristspinners while being dismissed 12 times. Munro attributes this to not having faced many such bowlers back home in New Zealand.

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