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Spring is here, and every time I associate the two poems in Zhu Xi's "Spring Day": the boundless scene is new, the purple is always spring, and it will live very fast; I want to find spring and spring is beautiful and moving. Spring is here, we appreciate it, feel it, praise it. We always want to touch the spring and feel the spring. So when we have time, we will embark on the road of seeking green. Some choose to climb the mountain on the spot, visit the peach blossom source, some play through, cross the province, and even travel across the country. In spring, the poet's pen is a touching poem. It is a praise song on the lips of the singer. It is a delicate painting in the hands of the painter. It is a beautiful large garden in the eyes of the traveler. But in his eyes, there are students. "I don't like to travel, I don't like to go shopping. The spring in my heart is to give students a bright future." This is his mantra in the spring. In his eyes, looking for spring, do not need to go too far, leaning on the wooden pole of the fence, with the footsteps of the setting sun, sprinkle a handful of rice, lengthen the voice call, feed a few chickens Cheap Cigarettes, the heart is cute Spring; a church teaches a student to count, tell a story to the students, or take a few old newspapers to write a few brushstrokes, and the spring of the beautiful spring and ink of the whole body brings us too much, the flowers are beautiful, the flowers are beautiful, and the flowers are colorful. But what do we give to spring? He asked me. When it was the sunset of the day, I came to the residence of Teacher K. A table, a few students sitting on the stool, is the residence of this place. He is dressed in a simple, faint life; When I saw me, I just asked if there was any coriander in my house, which meant to bring some when I went back. He walked in front and I followed him to the vegetable garden. The garden was filled with coriander, garlic, and some seeds that had just been planted. The children of several students are using the hoe to loosen the ground, seeing me coming, not bullying, greeting me, I smiled and nodded to pay tribute to Saturday, still not letting the children?" I teased us Like here, here is our half home. "A child is vying to say that the other children who are jealous, whispering hahaha, I am getting older, the farm work in the garden is not moving, let them come." Old k smiled and said "K teacher, you help us make up the class Newport 100S. When I go home, my grandfather asks me to help you with the farm work. If my grandfather comes to ask you, you can tell the truth!" Another child said with courage. On this day, I had dinner at Mr. K��s residence and talked for a long time, until late at night. He sent me out of school, and I waved goodbye to him. Riding the car, the night's dew was covered with clothes, and the night's wildness shrouded me, but I was not cold at all, not afraid of the original Cigarettes For Sale. The spring I was looking for was a selfless dedication.

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