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You will stand there quietly, noble and elegant, like a nine-day fairy Newport Cigarettes, not in the dust, without a trace of fireworks. The gentle mist simmers, or spins, or resperses; and you gently sway the sleeves in the mist, the graceful posture begins to move, such as the fairy dancing. Occasionally look back, a glimpse of a glimpse, the eyes of the aura of glory, with a tulle-like fairy fog elegant and elegant. No one can describe your beauty as much as you can, and you can't flow at my nib. You are as elegant as Luoshen, the whole body is surrounded by the aura of faintness, and the gentle and gentle winds are slid. The blue-like blue silk dances with the wind. Every blue silk exudes the aura of life, just like the gracefulness of the stars. The beauty of people moving. I have always been fascinated by you, fascinated by the extraordinary atmosphere, and your faint fragrance is not exaggerated. So, in such a fresh early spring afternoon, I came to you in front of you, not for anything else, just to see your peerless face. I snuggled up on a tree with a green branch, but my heart was calm. Perhaps your breath can make people feel calm and quiet. The sun in the afternoon is a little lazy. The gentle sunlight hits the slightly damp ground through the sparse trees, leaving mottled light and shadow on the moss marks. The green shoots are swaying. In the sun, the tip of the leaf is faintly faint, and I look at your elegant lake through the sparse foliage, and there is always a ripple in my heart. Sometimes I even think silly, just build a log cabin in the woods, quietly accompany you, or the lotus, the sunrise, the sunset; the morning, when the first morning dawn breaks the dawn In the window with moisture, I slowly woke up in the thick sound of the birds singing, gently pushing open the wooden door, slamming, facing you, spring blossoms. Beautiful Xizi Lake, there have been so many unmanned nights, I always dreamed that you turned into a nine-day mysterious woman dancing in the middle of the dragon, I know that is the most real you, you want every dream of you People can have a beautiful dream, you want to satisfy everyone's insignificant desire. People say that the lake is spiritual, I think you are the same. It��s just that I don��t know when a woman with a closed moon is coming to your arms and looking at his beautiful reflection on the calm lake. When you smile, you will be jealous like a secular woman. Her fairy face? I think you will definitely not! You are very calm at that moment, let the fish sink to the bottom of the lake, just because you want the woman to stay a few more minutes, so that you can also look at the independence of yourself in her love. Maybe you don't want to see your figure from her eyes, maybe you just want to satisfy the wish of a beautiful woman, just like you will appear in the dreams of many people who miss you, maybe this is beautiful. The woman is your illusion, or you are raised with a sweet lake, otherwise she can muscle the snow, face like peach. You care for every child you raise, just like the white snake that you raised in one hand. When Bai Suzhen was fighting for Xu Xian and Fahai, you did not hesitate to shoot, and finally the water was filled with Jinshan, angry and yelling: 'Fahai, you don't understand love! When Bai Suzhen was crushed at the bottom of Leifeng Pagoda, you were crying sadly, but there was nothing to help. Only the heavens and the earth were weeping with you. At that moment you are so helpless, but still beautiful and moving! The wonderful time is always very fast, so I leaned back on the tree for an afternoon. I didn't use the camera to freeze your beauty, because I think that the small resolution can't explain your Zhong Lingxiu. The photos are even less likely to carry your thousands of turns, and the beauty of the freeze is also less agile and true. At this time, the afterglow of the sunset is quietly dumped on the lake, giving you a golden hue. The lake with its ripples on the lake is undulating with the wind, emitting soft light, looking from afar, reflecting the sun's radiance, and it is moving. The four or five homing birds on the lake swept away from the mountains in the sunset, leaving a deep and interlaced light and shadow in the air; a pair of dragonflies on the lake were still leisurely swimming, while the swimming lake swayed The circle of laps spreads slowly from the inside out, seemingly a dream that has been pleated, and it has been deprived of the traces of thousands of years of youth. This magnificent and magnificent scene reminds me of Wang Xi's poem: ''Luoxia and Lonely Flying, Autumn Water is a Long Day'' But your beauty is even more embarrassing, because you not only have the majesty of the northern landscape, I came closer to you when I was in the middle of Jiangnan. I gently picked up a handful of water, and the tentacles were slightly warm and cool. When I opened my fingers, the lake slipped away from my fingers and splashed on the surface of the lake, causing a series of water droplets and crushing a beautiful sun Cheap Cigarettes. At that moment, I suddenly wanted to put you back with a pot, but I didn't do that because there were countless literati in the thousands of years who stopped at your side, and left countless praises for your poetry, and you Carrying these poems, perhaps every crystal clear water droplet contains a world of poetry, just like a Buddhist monk: one flower and one world, one leaf and one leaf, and you are a water and a paradise. I can't take any drop of water from you. I know that it is the essence of your whole body. It carries your magnificence. I can't destroy your charm. You can't let others see that you are a broken, beautiful night. Perhaps it has also been shocked by your shocking face. But I still have to leave, I am taking a small step, every step can break a sorrow, I know, it is your aura that purifies my sorrow. When the night completely covers you, you are still enchanting, because the beautiful moon of the three pools of the moon has also left a footprint. The hustle and bustle of the world returns to serenity Wholesale Cigarettes. Only the sound of the worms floats like this in the world that belongs to you. The heart of the lake slams, and occasionally a fish jumps out of the lake. I know that it is your grace. Shi Fanghua
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