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When the first morning sun maps on the desk, it stays at the tip of the pen. Looking forward, the morning sun is so emotional, lazy standing on the roof, inadvertently sprinkling a few rays of sunlight, slightly warm, but no lethality Cigarettes Online. It is so gentle and watery. Open your hands, accept the gift of heaven, and touch these superior things. I can't help but think of the poet Blake's "Innocent Premonition". "The grain of sand sees a world, a paradise in a wild flower, puts infinity on your palm, and eternal collection in a moment." The sunshine at the moment has been held in my hand and in the heart. As the nib stopped and stopped on the white draft paper, the characters were filled with one cheerful character, and the sun left the room and suddenly rose. Like a child, stop the pen and listen to all the sounds around me, as if the world has nothing to do with me, and die. At noon, the sun became a passionate teenager, emitting the most powerful light of the day. At this moment, I no longer yearn for the clean and quiet of the moss and the rain Marlboro Red, no longer admire the pride and ambition of the Jin Ge iron horse, just want time to stay at this moment, enjoy the fresh and peaceful bathing in the sun. Suddenly I saw the shadow on my desk on the north side, and I couldn��t help but sneak in my heart. I felt that this world is my only respect. This beauty is exclusive to me. Life and happiness must be enjoyed, and it is not afraid to delay this noon. In the world, the material desires, the human heart is not ancient, the white dog, but we are still working hard, just like Zhou Chongguang in the small four-stroke: "You are dragged into the abyss by disappointment, you are pulled close to the grave by the disease, you are frustrated You are ridiculed, ironic, hated, resentful, and abandoned. But we always keep hope in our hearts, and we keep the heart that we are not willing to give up. We are still in great despair. Work hard. This kind of mood that they don't want to give up, they become little stars with boundless darkness. We are all little stars." Yes, we are all small stars in the universe, but still emit a faint glow. Can you find this pleasure in your life, isn't fate a kind of attachment to my generation? Why do you still have to sigh what is going on, and your life is old? Why do you have to say what is hard to pay, and you are in a deep position? Do you still remember the sentence in Wang Guozhen��s "Promise" Carton Of Cigarettes, "Opportunity, fight for yourself; fate, grasp by yourself"? Difficulties are like we dragging a shadow into a dream Cigarettes For Sale, and dragging a shadow into a dream is because there is a sun in front. As long as we still have a little strength, there will always be a turn of the clock, and in the twinkling of an eye it will be the setting sun. Throughout the ages, the sunset has been praised by countless poet poets, generosity and gloom... and the sunset I saw is another scene: I saw the night in the shadows, the sky, the lovers, and the companions; I saw the bloody rainbow and the yang, the birds and the peasants returned to the farm; I also saw the Xiaqi Qifei, the water and the sky, and my generation was in the sky. The stream of the setting sun, beautiful, good, also sprinkled the most gorgeous afterglow on the horizon, cutting a strange scene to stay in the world. On the occasion of nightfall, there is a gorgeous bloom again and again. When the thick darkness devours the last lingering glory Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the dignified chill is swaying and retreating to the rest of the sun, but what can't be erased is the infinite movement of the sun in the heart, such as songs, good as yang, stepping on the line, why should it be sad? Hey? Flowers bloom, arrogance, leisurely heart, Fuqin Xiaoge, the wonderful place is difficult to say.

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