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When I went to war, I just entered the winter month like the lunar calendar. The countryside began to fight. One of the most hopeful things in my childhood was that the Hexagon Bay began to fight. If you are snoring, it means that the New Year is not far away. In fact, as a child, it is not like to fight, but the lively atmosphere when you like to fight is a major event in the country. It is a big thing, because the labor of a single family cannot be defeated, and it takes more than a dozen strong men to do it together. Therefore, in the winter months, every household in Hexagon Bay began to contact the days of snoring. Whenever the labor of a hexagonal bay was always available, the first night of the war, the dozens of major labors gathered together. Drinking, discussing who is the snoring Shiwozi, where is the snoring wooden stick, where will the tomorrow's ��ʼ start, where will the lunch be arranged, which dinner will be arranged, and when. Generally, the households who arranged for dinner last year will not be arranged this year. In the very poor years of the material, it is necessary to prepare a large table of rice in advance Cheap Cigarettes, and the people in the township are polite. After all, there are very few townships in your home to eat, and some still get some fish. After drinking the wine, they all blush, and after they started the smashing of the scorpion, they went home. When the woman at home waits for the man to come back and determines the order of snoring, the women of the first few families will start to prepare. At eight or nine o'clock the next morning, the war started. The weather is good, the temperature is high, and the snoring is carried out in the field Marlboro Gold. Several sturdy big men carried Shiwozi to the center of the field to wash, men and women in Hexagon Bay, young and old, all around, sitting around Shiwozi. The bench is horizontal and vertical, and it is placed on the threshing floor. The women around the self-made pockets soaked the glutinous rice for a while, then placed it in a half-human steaming. The whole kitchen was steaming, and the women around the house came to the kitchen to help, burned the fire, moved the firewood, and couldn��t tell the first pot of glutinous rice steamed. The women used the big hoe to bring the glutinous rice to the field and pour the stone. In the nest. Ten men who screamed and screamed Cigarettes For Sale, picked up the wooden sticks that had been prepared for a long time, and smashed them around the stone nest. The rest of the labor is sitting next to it, waiting for who is tired, and resting on the wheel. Some old people looked at them with a smile and smoked a lot of smoke. The big smoke is homemade. The tobacco leaves are dried, chopped with a knife, and rolled with a piece of paper. When the glutinous rice inside the stone nest is smashed, the screaming "predecessor", or "Indecent". The delicious child always turns around the stone nest, and the grown-ups are impatient. They screw a group of owed sons from Shiwozi, and the children ran over and sang. The adults have repeatedly warned that they can't eat too much. If they eat too much, they will swell. The adults even cited some examples of people who owe their blouses and asked us to eat less. We always doubted the real reason behind this statement. We knew that when we grew up, we knew that the adults were afraid of eating too many children. The cockroaches were very small, and they didn��t look good. They couldn��t take five or six minutes. After that, the glutinous rice in Shiwozi was almost smashed, and the most exciting link appeared. Next to one hand wash, the smashing scorpion in the stone nest is smashed into a group from the nest, and the scorpion-shaped big man in the stick is a big force, spit two saliva in the palm, roll up the sleeves Marlboro Lights, use the scorpion wood The stick was inserted into the squad, and the big bang was given, and the scorpion group was lifted to the air. The slamming slammed the group into the stone scorpion. If it was very loud, everyone laughed and laughed. If there is no noise, it will be degraded by everyone. Sometimes after a few litterings, it is necessary to change people. Yang Xiaohe said, after three consecutive squats, the fourth scorpion was lifted into the air, and a fart was released. He was stunned. Everyone fell down and he didn��t have any fart. The laughter of the full field was swaying. Hexagonal bay. It��s also called in our hexagonal bay. After a while, in a minute or two, the person who came out of the nest smashed the scorpion in the stone nest and placed it in the basin that had already been prepared. A layer of gauze was placed in the washbasin, and the sputum was put in, smeared, and then buckled on the clean bamboo slab, which became a round shackle Parliament Cigarettes. After a few hours, you should cut it into pieces with a knife, otherwise the knife will not move after it becomes hard. Cut into pieces, put it in a few days, soak it in water to prevent mold. The blisters of blistering are no problem for a few months. You can eat a variety of foods, eat it, cook it, steam it, eat it. No matter how you eat it, it��s fragrant and drooling. Next to the stove in the winter, you can always see these pieces of scorpion on the side of the grass ash. The fire is appropriate, and the bulging drum can be like a suffocating one, which can cause appetite. We like to bake the cockroach and it becomes hollow. Bite the tip of the sputum, revealing the hollow belly, and pouring the sugar into the hollow belly. I bite it, that fragrance, that sweetness, but also makes me miss the power of Cai��s family, who like to eat, can not eat, eat meals. Every year, his family has played twenty baht. When the year has not arrived, they will eat almost. So Grandpa Tsai spoke, one per person per day, not allowed to eat more. One day, Cai Po took the bamboo sticks and tried to catch up with my door. Both the mother and the child ran out of breath. My mother asked Cai Po, what did the force make, and rushed to play so far? Cai Po said with a smile, he stole two cockroaches. When Cai Po��s answer was a joke, she became one of the wild whites of the big men. I don��t know when it started, and the situation changed and became awkward. More than a dozen wooden sticks became a big wooden hammer. The big men took a big wooden hammer and broke into the stone nest. They smashed the glutinous rice inside and turned one by one. In the middle, the one that used a wooden stick to pick the cockroach into the air and then slammed it into the stone nest was gone. The person who was turned over the nest turned over in the nest, even if I didn��t like the scene of snoring, I feel that there is nothing to look at, there is no smell. There are also adults who miss it or stick out the delicious food, but they just talk about it. After they have not returned, they don��t use a hammer to smash it and become a machine to smash the glutinous rice. At this time, there is no need for more than a dozen big men at home, and a guest can complete it at home. The original lively scene has now become cold and clear, and the original communication between people has become a solo of the roar of the machine, and there is no one spectator. Moreover, the cockroaches that come out seem to have a lighter taste, people's appetite is getting worse and worse, and people who eat are getting less and less. In the past, the country folks gave as a gift to relatives and friends in the city. Now, the countryside is rarely fought, and the hustle and bustle of the countryside is a lot of memories that I bought from the city, and I miss the rich flavor of the country.
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