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In our lives, people often say: "There is no lack of beauty in the world, but the lack of beauty will find the eyes." And I have always believed: everyone can find beauty, but the key is "heart whenever you step into The school gate, the face-to-face is the children's fresh smiles, this is like a flower in the early morning of early spring... You walk into the library, a burst of books into your heart, knocking on the skylight of your heart. Looking at the children��s innocent and romantic faces, as if they remembered their former self, they made you fascinated, and at the same time, you can't help but approach the neat bookshelf and look at the book full of fun, as if looking at a long time. Loved ones, friends... You pick up a book and gently flip it over to find the innocence and joy of the past... This careful "reading" is to discover and discover the innocence, the elegant spring breeze. I woke up the little grass, the eyes of the grass, looking at this refreshing spring... The small flowers danced against the rain and danced in the spring, the willows flicked the wicker, accompanied by the spring, the children pressed Excited in my heart, ran out of the building Run out of the cold and sing the warmth of the heart... The sun shines on the earth, the clear water jumps in the spring, and everything shows the joy of freedom Cigarettes For Sale... This vibrant spring is the discovery and discovery of that freedom. The Qing Dynasty��s nostalgia has passed, and the summer chapters have been opened. The sun is so strong, the earth is so hot, but the people��s hearts are warm and warm Newport Cigarettes. The people in the city are almost hot. Dare to go out, this summer lost the original "beauty"... Take the summer car to the village, the scene in front of you, let your heart instantly clear, let you forget the summer sun, you can't help Take off the earphones and look at this summer paradise: the bamboo forest in the village is cool and cool, the children forget all the troubles, play here, sweat on their faces, but the smile is so true, so beautiful... adults They also reveal the smiles that have been hidden in their hearts for a long time. Everything is so harmonious and peaceful... This pure and sweet summer is the discovery, the discovery of the truth, the autumn night, so desolate, let people's hearts more Bored... but you just walk out of the house quietly without a heavy load. Under this quiet moonlight, come to the lake and sit gently on the edge of the grass Newport 100S. You will find the pair you lost. Nature's love will come back again: the moon's silver shines on you, the grass gently caresses you, mischievously breaks into your heart, tells you the most silent words. The lake is sparkling, you use The hand gently pulls up a little, you will understand the intention of this love, it is so beautiful, then people are nostalgic... you stand up, leaning against the childhood tree, remembering the romance... you go home Going in the direction, don't want to take away every beauty of the night, every true feeling... This gently and quiet autumn night is the discovery, the romance is found, the beautiful snowflake is flying, you walk into the snow Land, looking at the once green forest, suddenly, you found a miracle in the depths, you ran quickly, a bamboo forest appeared in front of you, a huge stone in your heart suddenly put down, you caress this tree Bamboo, turn yourself into one of them, the wind sweeps the bamboo forest, the bamboo leaves "shasha" sounds , but there is no slight shake... This magical and elegant winter is the discovery, the discovery of the feelings, the Confucianism is all "beauty", that is, in the founding room, one holds the hand for the leader, face It is full of smiles. But is this all smile true? Too fake, too fake... Every time I passed the primary school, the children��s faces were filled with smiles, and the mouth kept talking about the experience of the day Marlboro Gold. I looked in my eyes and remembered it in my heart... my heart hurts. Because adults are too fake and too fake. I can't guess what they think, think of it, my parents, my loved ones, it's hard to be the same. The familiar school bell rings, a child is naive to go home, the child uses the pure heart to watch the world. Suddenly, a grandmother fell to the ground, and the child hurried over, bent down and raised her, but did not expect the grandmother to shout: "I pushed him to me!..." This sounds the child's heart Knocked up, this child has no responsibility, but the child is purely true who will save it Marlboro Lights.
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