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Like with bands and politicians Dre'Mont Jones Jersey , it's perfectly normal for athletes to enjoy one round of high-profile success before returning to being average. In the NFL, where the average career is so short, this is especially true. And yes, Derek Anederson, we're talking about you - though we're looking forward to watching you replace Cam Newton this year...Back in August, The Sportster looked at 15 players who had fluke NFL seasons whether it was because of over-performing, injuries that took away their best traits, or because they were part of the 2007 Cleveland Browns.Today, we're going to do something similar by looking at players who did have fluke or one-year wonder seasons, but also examine where they are now?I know I've asked this before http://www.thelionsfootballauthentic.com/austin-bryant-jersey-authentic , but what happens when one in the sports world retires? Do they stick close to the sports world they’ve spent so much of their life in and around? Do they go pursue other careers that maybe they didn’t have the time or energy – or even knowledge – of doing and devoting their time to? Do they wind up in prison – well, we’ll do our best not to talk about these guys today.With players who maybe only have one or two good seasons, are they in the same boat as the Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl MVPs they shared a locker room with? Let's find out. The 2018 NFL free agency period has been hectic, and we haven’t even got to the Draft yet, but already most of the big names have been signed, and it’s got us looking forward to the 2018 season with a lot of excitement. However, not everything is going to work out for all of these players. Some QBs signed long-awaited big money deals, some players got released and signed unexpectedly, and other big names were traded away, and it’s been quite hard to keep up with Rashan Gary Jersey , but now that’s all cooled off, we are going to look ahead a season, and try and predict some things.Succeeding and failing is definitely unique to each individual situation, whether it be a high-profile star leaving for a division rival, or whether it’s a young, up and coming player looking to break out with a new team. Sometimes that will happen, others it won’t, so today we are going to take a look at 8 players who will succeed with their new team in 2018, and 7 that will unfortunately fail.

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