#1 Since I was in junior high von ylq 19.04.2019 10:23

Since I was in junior high school, it has not only increased the curriculum and pressure, but also the sudden piles of white flowers. I don't know when I started from a girl who is as light as a swallow Order Newport Cigarettes, and turned into a ugly duckling who walks and swings slowly. Whenever I walk a few more steps, I am tired and panting. Therefore, I gradually become inferior. It is even worse that the male classmates in our class call me "Little Penguin." They often turn around me and turn around. One pinches my face and says, "The white and big buns are smashed." One pointed at my hand and said, "If the chicken feet are so fat, I will be fine. Buying only one a day is enough to eat Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa..." They teased my fat. Under anger, I pushed them away and rushed into the teacher's office to see the teacher. The words were not exported. The tears of grievances were like the rivers that broke the dyke. When the teacher saw it, I immediately wiped the tears for me and stroked my back because of my sadness Buy Newport Online. She said softly: "What's wrong? Slowly tell the teacher, the teacher must help you." Under the comfort of the teacher, for a long time, I only said the grievances and sadness in my heart. The teacher gave a lecture on why the adolescent children would The class of obesity and how to solve it." The teacher said: "Children, I envy you... envy you have such a beautiful youth Discount Cigarette Cartons, this beautiful stage, it can shape and witness your beauty. When you enter adolescence, the body It develops very quickly, and there will be obvious secondary sexual characteristics, such as growing taller. For example, when a male grows out of a throat, the girl becomes fuller and becomes cute and charming..." The teacher said while doing a cute gesture. From time to time, she dragged her chin with both hands and said with a little meditation: "I am really jealous of the girls who are now fatter in our class. They all say that the female university has changed. You are changing to a more beautiful one! Girls in adolescence, appetite Exuberant, love to eat snacks, plus less class activities, energy absorption is greater than consumption Newport Online Cigarettes, resulting in excess energy converted into fat, which causes obesity." The teacher went on to say: "No doubt, this is a normal phenomenon in adolescence It is also a good time to change. So how do we catch it? First, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat less meals, less meat and more vegetables, less fat and more calcium, replace snacks with fruits, eat less in the morning and eat less at night. Secondly, exercise is an important way to shape the perfect body shape, distinguish your own physique, and choose the sport that suits you. For example, people with qi deficiency are suitable for morning exercise and rest in the evening, and qi deficiency is fat. In addition, sedentary for a long time is not conducive to blood circulation, fat. Burning, we have to take a step by step, do more aerobics, such as dancing, jogging, swimming, etc. Under the class, students should unite and love, dance together, do games. Together, enjoy beautiful youth. Finally, excessive stress will make people obese, relax their minds, and face positively. May our lovely classmates treat your youth partners with a loving heart, with a arrogant If you have made mistakes, your youth will be no less inferior. After the teacher finished speaking, the following applause was heard. Everyone was delighted by the youthful transformation. Before I teased my male classmates. I also quietly came up with an apology note. I rushed home and wanted to tell my

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