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The highest position of a woman is to be a "mother". The highest honor is to be a "good mother", but "good mothers" will never have a certificate of honor, but women are still so happy. If you give me another chance to regenerate, re-re- Making choices at every intersection, I will live again in this life. Every choice before graduation is chosen by God. Every step of my life is beyond my expectation, and every time after graduation. One choice is my heartfelt choice. I don't know what I look like in my parents' minds, because there are so many brothers and sisters Buy Newport Online, and I am the youngest, and my heart is mature. I always feel that my parents are working hard, almost all day. When I spend time in the mountains, I want to reduce the burden for my parents and do what I can. I rarely talked from childhood, and I didn��t talk to my parents or others. I didn��t know how to communicate with my parents. When I grew up, I didn��t know how to communicate. So after graduation, I did not choose to invest in the wave of civil servants, but chose to marry and have children. Many of my relatives, friends and classmates gave me a question mark. I don't know if this choice is right or wrong in this materialistic era, but I know that this choice is my choice. Occasionally facing the elderly, I will answer, "The time when the child needs the most care is only 5 years, and the time I can work can be up to 30 years. It is my life to exchange the child's life for 5 years. I think it is worth it." The idea is not to say how much pressure I have to give my children, but I don't want to spend five years in exchange for a lifetime. In fact, no matter what choices you make in life, some people will appreciate and praise, and some people will laugh at and ridicule. And I often keep the most appreciation and praise, try not to laugh at and ridicule anyone or anything. If you can't find the right language to comment, then keep silent in the countryside of your hometown Cheap Newport Cigarette, often see an old man with many children Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. Carrying on the back, holding on the wrist, but also vacating the other to hold, and pulling the clothes. Looking at the old man's face, there is no happiness in the legendary children and grandchildren around the knees Marlboro Wholesale Price. There is no pure and innocent smile on the children's faces, and the old man's waist is almost low on the ground. Rather than saying that it is indirect happiness, it is better to say that it is the greatest torment to the previous generation and the next generation Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa. This kind of picture is always lingering in my heart. I must not let the old children in the picture become my parents and children. Later, for various reasons, Dabao followed her husband to Sunan and added Xiaobao in the same year. The two children are less than two years old, because they are alone, there are no relatives and friends around, there is no place to find a change of hands. For a long time, when I was exhausted, I was more convinced of my choice. is correct. Even if I am so young and strong, I am tired of the old man, let alone the elderly. If you don��t have the ability to let your parents enjoy happiness, then try not to let everyone who is tired of their parents live under the pressure of life. When oppressed, choosing to take on yourself is always the best choice. I have been a full-time mother for four years. For four years, the whole person is a child. In the past four years, I didn��t have my own thoughts and I didn��t have my own source of income. When Dabao went to kindergarten last year, I gradually left a little bit of time for myself to let my thoughts enter the state of thinking. Many people say that raising children is to prevent old age, but this is not in line with my thoughts. If I am too old to move, I am willing to let the nurse doctor take care of me or choose to leave the world directly. How far you can go when you can move. What do you raise your child? I still have such a good heart. When I think about this problem, I recall the feelings of these four years. It is very painful when I have children. When I bring my children, I am very tired and trivial, but every day. There is somehow happy and proud. Sometimes I will lick children like most mothers. After that, I ask them, "When I yell at you, do you hate me?" They said in unison every time, "I don't hate it, because I love you!" Remember Xiaobao Only one or two months ago, there was a child next door who called Dabao to their home to play without telling me in advance. I was very anxious to call for a long time before he promised. I hit him that time. At that time, he was less than two. At the age of one, he didn't cry, and half of his tears didn't fall. One day a few months later, the child next door said, ��When you come to our house to play,�� Dabao shook his head and said, ��I don��t go, I��m afraid my mother is angry.�� At that moment, my heart melted quietly. . Gradually, he grew up a lot, and he was a lot of naughty. Many times, it��s their paradise to make a mess of bed shoes. I rarely snoring. When I��m in a special fire, I��m quiet. In society, it is difficult to find a pure laugh. Even children, many of them are the actors of the tragedy of the times! And I am very grateful to God for giving me a pair of sons, so that I can enjoy the purest smile every day. I gradually realized that when people come to this world, they should appreciate the scenery along the way, and the most beautiful scenery on the face of children.

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