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My home is located in the beautiful south of Daze Mountain. It is a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and rivers. The village's ��Longwan Fishing�� enjoys the reputation of ��one of the eight scenic spots��. The home is showing a different kind of beauty throughout the year. Spring is coming, the willow is green, the peach blossoms are open; the summer is coming, the cuckoo is called, the morning glory is open; the autumn is coming, the apple is cooked, the mountain chrysanthemum is open; the winter is coming, the cold wind is blowing, the snow is blowing opened. Thinking about it carefully, my home is really the spring of my home in the four seasons. The mountains are pink and green, and the flowers are blooming. Thanks to the apricot flower, the peach blossoms are open again; the cherry blossoms just fall, the apple blossoms are open again; and the famous and unknown flowers are dotted among them, and the whole mountain becomes a sea of ??flowers. Ascend to the top, full of eyes, the joy of blossoming, beautiful. If you are there, it is another scene, and you walk into the flowers, the whole person is almost surrounded by flowers, the aroma is savage, and you are very refreshed. In particular, the piece of white apple blossoms is even more dizzying and lingering. The spring breeze is blowing, the grass is green. The willows are sprouting, and the green grass is full of hillsides. The mountains are green, the slopes are green, the villages are green, and even the willows on the banks of the river are green Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. This is far near, high, low, and deep green, and it has become a green wave. It��s intoxicating green, in the spring when people are drunk, the butterfly is squatting, the bees are ��squeaking and smashing�� around the flowers, the swallows are whispering for spring, the village��s red male green lady is laughing and walking through the fields and fruit trees. In the summer, the long cattle songs wandered in the fields, the whole field and the village filled with rich poetry and paintings. No, this is a natural, agile rural spring map. In the summer of the home, I know that I am singing in the summer. When they arrived, they screamed loudly and lowly; the children listened to the sound of knowing, and chased them slowly to get to know each other; the cuckoos roam around the golden rolling wheat waves, calling them in the "cut valley, cut valley"; When the cuckoo is called, the ripe wheat should be harvested. The golden pieces in the summer are also the scenery in the summer. The breeze blows, rolling up the round yellow waves, holding the silver light. The lens of the sickle cut wheat flashed past, and the shadow of the shadows of the past was gone. Instead, a harvester sang in the rolling wheat field, accompanied by a rumble, like a yellow wave of wheat. The grain has flowed into the drying field, summer The wheat incense is also a scenery of the old family. The morning glory of the summer opens a sweet smile and smiles at me. When I return to my hometown in the summer, I go to the east side of the street gate and take a bunch of morning glory. "I have lived in my legs, which attracted my attention and caught my heart. I know that there is a saying that "the summer raises the morning glory". In the summer garden where the group is fragrant, the morning glory is very favored. I couldn��t help but gently touched the morning glory with my hand. She shy like a slight movement. I just had to give up and couldn��t bear to leave her because she was blowing a "horn" and singing Newport Menthol Shorts. In the beautiful summer of my hometown summer, when people are anxious, thirsty, and bored, the big cherry, cherry, bayberry, watermelon, melon, and cucumber come to the door. This is a special purpose for the villagers. Cool and cool, full of dazzling, everywhere. The most delicious food I went back to my hometown this summer was cherry. When I tasted the cherry, I always looked up and imagined the cherry forest in my hometown. In fact, I was chewing on the summer of my hometown and the summer night of my family. It is a wonderful night that infiltrates the romance of the past and evokes the modern and frequent atmosphere. Today's summer night, the old family is still sitting around and talking about classical, the speaker still carries the legacy of the past home storyteller, and he talks about it, and the listener nods like a past listener. Now, I listened with gusto; nowadays, the streets and lanes of my hometown are mostly together, smashing the weather, talking about the family, the filial piety of the children of Lala, but also telling the strange things of the villages and neighbors through the night light, but also the battlefield. Military parade, Jiuzhaigou earthquake, Trump's visit to China... Family affairs, state affairs, and world affairs are all integrated into this thick summer night. The aftertaste of the rural language is slowly disappearing in the autumn of the home in this summer night. It is a charming season. The fruit growers are filled with the harvest season, the most joyful thing in their hearts is the autumn harvest Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. With the morning dew, draped in the moonlight, rushing in the hopeful field of the rich and rich taste, picking the apples, beating the autumn grain, bursting out of the laughter of the men and women farmers from time to time in the field, laughing and writing on their faces There is no small content in it. There is a string of apples that are full of branches, bent over, and sneaked at the passers-by. The big, red and bright red Fuji apples are really lovable. Today's fruit growers, like the little boss, spend money to hire people to pick apples, neighbors help pick apples, pick apples filled with cardboard boxes, and a box of apples into a big truck, in exchange for It is a stack of banknotes filled with the pockets of the farmers. The big truck started up, and it was not only the apples, but also the joyful smiles of the farmers. There was also a mutter, a pearl like a pearl, and the grape of the home was beautiful in the autumn of the home Marlboro Usa Price. The home is famous. The hometown of the fruit and fruit, as soon as you enter the village, look around. Every family house in front of the house is planted with large and small vines, which are lush and full of vitality. In the autumn, the fruits are heavy and the grapes are full of branches. It is beautiful, and it has added a beautiful landscape to the countryside. It has envied many tourists and the people in the countryside. In recent years, the farmers in their hometown have introduced many grape saplings from home and abroad. The grape vines have been dyed with "red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple", presenting a colorful world, "longan", "rose incense" and "Zeshan 1". No. "Zeshan No. 2", "Jiufeng", "Red", "Red Italy", "Golden Finger" and so on. Savouring the grapes of various varieties seems to be the sweetness of reform, from the sweetness of the mouth to the heart. The introduction of new varieties, the price has also soared, the original grape sold only 1 yuan, 2 yuan per catty, and now sells 3 yuan, 4 yuan per catty, the economic income increases year by year, harvesting not only grapes, It is a good mood. The grape rack is filled with autumn romance. In the fall, the adults and children of the old family are sitting around the grape rack, eating, drinking tea, enjoying the moon, chatting, enjoying the family fun under the grape rack. That is another A kind of romance, the bright moonlight in the sky is slanting on the ripe grapes. It is about dark, a mutter of bright grapes, like agate, like pearls. It is beautiful, attractive, and grapes. It is sweet and sour, it is refreshing, it feels very good, and the mood is very good Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. In the winter of the home, it is another color, full of leisurely colors, the old family is not leisurely, the streets, the market, is a good place for men, women and children to relax and relax. Speaking of the "Third Eight" collection, it is the "warm flow in the winter" of the home, which makes the East and West Streets move brightly in the winter. The "rumbling" tricycles and motorcycles enter the market; the daily necessities, vegetables and melons If you walked into the market, cheerful men, women and children flocked to the market; the winter market surpassed the bustling spring, summer and autumn, I wonder if it was a busy market in winter, or the market warmed up in winter. Anyway, the winter market of the old home is very lively, there is an urgent need to catch up with meat and buy food, there is a market to buy oil and salt sauce vinegar, there are to buy cheap things like the collection, but also to find the acquaintances on the collection. Lahu��s, and there��s nothing t and flawless, very beautiful; the snow drifts to the big tree, the ancient scorpion of more than 500 years is a natural beauty, huge snow hanging, detached Bonsai, this is an imaginary view, and it quietly walked into the winter of the hometown; the snow fluttered to the village, and the tile houses were covered with "Baixiling", which was patchwork and beautiful, and placed in the winter of the home. In, it will bring you a wonderful enjoyment of the home, spring, summer, autumn and winter, a unique season, how poetic and artistic. The four seasons of the home are fascinating, fascinating, and also embedded in deep mind.

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