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Every year, when I am clear, I will go to pay homage to my grandfather. Now I am close to Qingming. I think of the article written for him that year. I will take it out and review the old man who has been in my heart. - The inscription begins with the buds of the buds, and sees the green leaves of the leaves, and then sees the yellow flowers of the aloes. There is a small river in front of the grandfather's door. The small river runs east through a small bridge. The river is gathered in a small lake. In this piece of Ozawa, what grows is the reed that I care about. The reason for concern is not only because every time I look at it, I always remember my grandfather. Moreover, this piece of reed is a good symbol of the grandfather, and it is an appropriate symbol of "the sky is pale, the white dew is frost, the so-called Iraqi, on the water side" Touching this piece of reeds, I will always read these poems. But I don't know if the shackles in the Book of Songs are different from this piece of reed. Standing on the bridge, facing this familiar and strange reed, will always evoke the thoughts of the public. I am familiar with it because I have been interested or inadvertently. I have seen it for many years. Unfamiliar because it can no longer be accompanied by a grandfather. At this time, seeing the reeds that sway like the long hair of the Iraqi people, there will really be Liu Shilin��s feelings about this poem: a kind of sadness that shocks the whole life, will immediately come to your heart and make you fall into An emotional experience that cannot be lifted. This tragic shock stems from the course of life Buy Newport Cigarettes, from the excitement of life, from the fragility of life. Life is a life, grass and wood, although the form is different, but it is a life that makes you fear, all left to the world a history in its own unique way. The grandfather's body is very strong, and the age of eighty-six years is on him. It has not yet revealed the particularly obvious traces of our imagination. He has never rode a bicycle for a lifetime, let alone a motorcycle. His only travel tool is his own feet. It is also the way of travel that makes him still able to fly at the age of 86, and in the village of Ling Cong, every five days, there is a "set", and the grandfather is separated from the market by Wuli Road. Always walk to the market, the main purpose is to walk, buy some fruits and the like. After I had a car, I wanted to take him to the market, but every time he insisted on not. Slowly, I also understood his intentions and no longer forced him. Although living in the countryside, my grandfather is a very particular person. Pay attention to health and hygiene. He himself learned a lot of effective and convenient exercise methods from medical books and on TV. He insisted on doing it for many years, and he often taught me to do it, so I must insist on it. When my grandmother was alive, my grandfather never did housework because there was a virtuous grandmother at home. After my grandmother passed away, I have been worried that my grandfather will have a mess. To our surprise, the grandfather has managed to keep a person's life in order. In any case, you must have breakfast; the food in the day must have food and meat; you can't eat too much dinner Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price, don't eat too late, don't sleep right away. and many more. He gave us a vivid lesson with action: the beauty of life lies in quality. In terms of paying attention to hygiene, I am even more sighed. The grandfather's home is an old house with a hundred years of history. Low and old, even the walls in the house are still mud. But it is such an old house. Whenever you go to your grandfather's house, everything is always in order. After the death of the old man, when we sorted out his relics, we were all amazed at his meticulousness: the clothes in each cabinet were neatly stacked, and every item in the house was not in chaos. Even the rags used at home are washed white. An old house, an old man has lived for so many years, but there is no smell. The personal hygiene of my grandfather is also very particular. Every other day, you will burn hot water and scrub your body. The outerwear will be changed every three or two days, and the clothes that have been replaced will never be washed by the children. They are all hands-on. There is a detail that makes me unforgettable. On the second night of hospitalization for abdominal pain, I stayed in the hospital with my bed and helped him to go to the bathroom to urinate in the evening. It can be seen from his expression that the abdominal pain was still very intense. After he urinated, I found out that he had taken facial tissue. Under that physical condition, he still insisted on his own hygienic habits. This really shows that neatness has become a necessity of his life. An old man who is so strong, I once believed that he will give us a legend in the years, and he is sure that he will be like a reed. In addition to giving us a green hope, it will also give us a wonderful autumn. But he is as fragile as a reed, and a gust of wind has already broken it. The grandfather was admitted to the hospital because of abdominal pain, but after three days, the night before the intention to leave the hospital, there was no sign of leaving. Perhaps he wants to present her best things to us. At that time, the reeds were spitting new green, and the water of the small river was also rising. I remember Pascal's reeds as a symbol of Western cultural thought: human beings are reeds of thought. When the grandfather verified the fragility of life, he left his most powerful thoughts to us and influenced us. He used to love life so much, love the world, and love every one he loves. My grandfather is very talkative. When my grandfather was a child, his family was good. This gave his grandfather a chance to study, and he was a person who loves to learn. He paid attention to getting knowledge from books and media. So he has research on history, geography, and allusions. From an early age, my impression of the public is astronomical geography, and I know everything. These have given the grandfather enough talk. Therefore, every time I visit my grandfather, it is normal to have a good taste and talk, and most of the time I am a faithful listener. In this listening, I am often surprised by this old man of the last century, surprised by his thoughts and words. Modern Fashion. Nothing is behind the feeling of the times. My lover is also a good talker. Because of this commonality, every time I go to visit my grandfather, my lover will accompany me. When the lover and the grandfather talk about each other, from the grandfather��s happy mood, I can perceive At that moment, the lonely old man is getting the happiness he has longed for from this conversation. This "reed of reeds" is so small for nature, but because of the greatness of thought, people can rule the world. My grandfather also deeply infects me with his rich thoughts, and even subverts my thoughts in some aspects. Among the people I contact, most people are full of grievances about society, the world, and personnel, resulting in The happiness index is too low. But the biggest difference between a grandfather and others is that he treats the world with a grateful heart, treats life with a sunny heart, and treats people with a happy heart. In his conversations, he always talks about the progress of society, the improvement of living standards, the mutual sympathy of his loved ones, and the respect and respect of his neighbors. Even if you talk about the shortcomings of the moment, you will be understated. In fact, careful thinking, life is indeed true, such as people have a long and short, the moon has a lack of. If you always stare at the night, your world is always without sunshine and your mind is getting darker. And if you bathe in the sun, your mood will suddenly open up. The grandfather��s thought is also reflected in his attitude towards work. He is a person with his own thoughts and a person with unique principles. He is always meticulous in his work. In the village, he is also a knowledgeable person. Therefore, when I was young, I worked in the village committee. Later I did accounting. I have done it for a lifetime. In my working life, I have never heard of any flaws in his work. He has not studied accounting, but he can make the accounting work the head. I have been dealing with public property for a lifetime, and I have never made a little self-interest for myself. He often teaches us: it is your own, it deserves. Not your own, don't score. After retreating from the village Marlboro Wholesale, the grandfather went to the factory to do accounting. According to the thinking of many people, the trick is to let the grandfather raise the sky. But after the grandfather went, it was still as always. In addition to doing what you want, you have to be busy and busy. For the plants and plants in the factory, I never make any claims. Even if it is a waste product like a cotton bobbin in the factory, he will not sell it privately Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes, but pick it up and hand it over to him for treatment. He will sell it, and he will also drop the income on the book in the factory. Flying through the sky, the reed tells the world a certain history in this unique way, and it also melts its roots deeply into the earth. The deceased has gone, and the grandfather has deeply integrated his thoughts into everything we have, so that I always remember everything about him. ��Small bridge, flowing water, people��, the ��small bridge�� in front of the grandfather��s door has been completed into a stone bridge. The wide and wide road on the bridge is more modern Carton Of Newport 100, and the ��flowing water�� in the creek is getting less and less. The more mixed, the "people" also closed because of the departure of the grandfather. The scenery is no longer the same, the characters are all non-existent, but the unchangeable is the grandfather��s past. It��s our regret that we can��t erase it. See also the reeds. Next spring, the reeds will still decorate this new world and recall the grandfather. All of his will still be with my new tomorrow.

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