#1 In March, from the chilly von ylq 23.03.2019 09:42

In March, from the chilly material to the clear and sunny, it seems to be just a blink of an eye. Time is like a big hand pushing me, moving forward. I often feel that freedom is locked in a small town, a fixed occupation, and a strong sense of powerlessness runs through the limbs. My heart is helpless, I can only hold books, or meditation, and look at the clouds outside the window without God, sinking in the things I like. In the pleasure of the code word, continue to dance alone. Always alone in the forgotten corner, lonely and lonely. The light in my heart is always warming me. In the cool afternoon of early spring, sit quietly indoors and soak a cup of green tea. A roll of books with a strong ink fragrance, slowly flipping through in my hands, time seems to go very fast, and my thoughts are constantly floating... "The east wind does not come, the catkins in March do not fly", and instead The violent wind is slightly chilly Carton Of Cigarettes Newport, and it is like a long-distance twist in life Cheap Newport Cartons. In the flatness of life, wheezing, walking, and in an instant, everything has passed like a dream. Only a little beautiful is coming back to my heart. It has become a memorable memory of decades after the warmth of Yangchun. The momentum of Mount Taishan hits you and me Newport Gold Cigarettes, and I still write and write, still have not given up the original obsession. And if there is a thousand glory, even if it hurts, even if it is bitter, even if it is tired, anything can be crossed, just to hang the dream in Yunfan. Always on the edge of life, envy and appreciation, admiring and admiring the scenery passing by on the roadside. Sitting under the laurel tree of the mother-in-law, I perceive the past and the future, and I will still smile as I look at the years. More and more accustomed to the role of the viewer, whether it is the beautiful scenery, or the unbearable situation, will be easy and indifferent, this is also the result of experience. Letting time go by, I can only try my best to grasp the remaining pieces. All the way to trek, over the mountains, muddy swamps, difficulties and frustrations, and hard to scalp to do, will be one by one. The joy of being in reality, the shackles of reality, the rush of time, sometimes listening to a soothing piano piece Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, the meditation of a moment, seems so extravagant. Once the heat was once cooled, the feeling of life was gradually increasing, and the inability to penetrate was always alone in a corner away from the crowd. Fortunately, there is always a light shining on the heart, so that you have the courage to work hard and chase. Ignore the dross and the bad, superimpose the beauty and essence, the memory is rendered into flowers, and in every dark moment, always entangled. With the eyebrows, there is a reason for comfort. Translucent and indifferent. There are always too many regrets in my life, just like there are too many books that I have not read, but we all have an eternal goal. In the sea of ??the sea, the sea is far from the reach of the sea, but it is constantly approaching. People in the workplace are particularly difficult Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping, and the people who are in the workplace always make you busy. The mood is not good because of the warmth of the weather. It is so difficult to relax. Looking at the countryside to see the vastness of the wilderness, to the city to see the hustle and bustle of the market, the infinite charm of nature, the variety of life, always give me different impressions, different perceptions. The heart is also a little bit powerful and far. It is more strongly recognized that the self is small and the real world is changeable. I am now very happy to drive and drive like a fish, free and happy, like a butterfly, easy and unscrupulous, shuttle. Can return to reality but it is so vast. Completely in the nostalgic whirlpool, only waiting for imagination and hope, perhaps forever waiting. The fall of memory produces a faint impression. All arrangements are reasonable. As Tagore said: Don't worry, the best always comes when you don't care. The morning light was projected through the large glass window and projected on my desk. My book page slowly flipped, and the wind was carefully drilled into the neck and sleeves, which was slightly cool. At this time, the spring is warm and sunny, the wind is clear and the clouds are quiet, and the quietness of the years is calm and good.

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