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Early on Tuesday http://www.chargersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-brandon-mebane-jersey , the Chargers announced that LB Denzel Perryman suffered an LCL injury along with a hamstring issue that will likely need surgery, as well.Weíve now learned his season is over.Prior to his injury, Perryman ranked second on the team in tackles with 51, just behind rookie S Derwin James. Number 52 has always played a big role in the Boltsí run defense and his absence will likely leave a heavy presence on the rest of the defense. No example could paint his importance to the defense more than when the former Miami Hurricane came back from injury following the teamís 0-4 start in 2017. His play was integral in the 9-3 record the Chargers amassed in their last 12 games of the year.In his stead, LB Hayes Pullard will likely get the nod at middle linebacker. In 2017. Pullard got the start in place of Perryman as well but ended up being one of the worst-graded defensive players in the league, according to Pro Football Focus.This year, however, Pullard has looked like a completely different player during the preseason and looked visibly improved in his play during his limited snaps against Seattle and Oakland.Who Should Start at Safety for the Los Angeles Chargers This Season? Who do you guys think should be the starters at safety (and which roles should they play) for the Chargers in 2018?Matthew Stanley: Jahleel Addae at SS Tyrell Williams Jersey , he started to find his groove last year. I think there might be a problem at FS unless Rayshawn Jenkins becomes a thing, or Adrian Phillips learns how to cover, or they turn Desmond King into a free safety with Jason Verrett back (which I donít agree with). Derwin James should not be playing center field, heís too valuable closer to the LOS.Kyle Posey: Can you say Derwin at both?Ryan Doyle: I think the Chargers stick Derwin James at FS. I donít think thatís a perfect fit at the moment, but the only other option I could see there is Desmond King. I trust James a lot more at the backend than Jenkins or Phillips. At SS, Jahleel Addae will keep his starting role and continue to improve. Heís come a long way for a UDFA and he has the right supporting cast to have his best season to date.Louis Gorini: Frankly I donít even know if the Chargers know how they are going to implement Derwin James in their defense. This is the same team that had trouble figuring out how to use Hunter Henry, a future top ten TE. But if I had to guess, I feel like LA will use James like Weddle Authentic Keenan Allen Jersey , as a Swiss Army knife. They will start him at FS in early downs and then on third down, they will move him closer to the LOS to lock down opposing tight ends, or to utilize his blitzing capabilities.Jamie Sewell: I agree with Louis in that I donít think the Chargers really know how theyíre going to use Derwin James and Addae together. Addae had the best year of his career last year and itís no coincidence that it came with playing closer to the line of scrimmage. For that reason, I think Addae will stay as the SS and Derwin James as the ĎFSí, but I think theyíll try and move him around all over the place. I could see him playing some LB with Adrian Phillips or Rayshawn Jenkins filling in at FS.Michael Peterson: I am also in the party that isnít sure how the defensive backfield will play out. I would prefer both Addae and James near the line as thatís where they do the best work. Thatís not plausible, however. If Verret Iíd healthy and Williamís gets moved to the slot, Iíd like to get King on the field somehow and that may be at a safety position. So many impact players and not enough spots. Itíll be interesting, nonetheless.Jamie Sewell: Itís a good problem to have Youth Michael Schofield Jersey , at least. Rather than asking them to try Darrell Stuckey at S because everyone else is worse.Michael Peterson: Very true. In the span of two seasons, we went from having bad depth to not enough space.Jamie Sewell: Last time the Chargers made the playoffs their CBs were Shareece Wright, Derek Cox, and Richard Marshall. Now weíre looking at Jason Verrett coming into camp as the #4Kyle Posey: Iíd play Derwin at free. With all the motion in todayís game, heíll be around the action plenty. Then you factor in how he flies up against the run heíll still rack up tackles. Iíd leave Addae at the base strong safety. Then when they get to their sub package Iíd get creative. Pending on King/Jenkins, Iíd throw them at Free. I hope itís King with his smarts. Then underneath you have a combo of Hayward, Verrett, Derwin Womens Isaac Rochell Jersey , Williams. Iíll take that 4 in coverage any day of the week.Garrett Sisti: I think in the Chargers base defense theyíll run Verrett/Hayward on the outside and Trevor Williams in the slot. Jahleel Addae at SS and Derwin James FS. When the Chargers run their Nickel & Dime Defenses I think you see the corners stay the same, Addae at SS, Dez King moved to FS and Derwin James playing the Nickel Linebacker (Adrian Phillips role last season)Jamie Hoyle: This season we will see Addae at SS and James at FS in the base defense. When they have their sub packages on the field, weíll probably see James rotate between SS and NLB in order to get Des King on the field as FS. Long term I think James probably winds up playing strong safety. Itís his best fit in my opinion because it maximizes his ability to matchup with tight ends, provide run support, blitz the QB and be an enforcer.What do you guys think? Who should be the starters at safety for the Chargers this year? cheap football jerseys

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