#1 At the end of 2018 von ylq 09.03.2019 08:39

At the end of 2018, a masterpiece of the world was born, it is "the last night of the earth." It is a gimmick with a kiss of the New Year, so that countless couples are folded, and they have to pay for the tickets, making the venue full, unprecedented. The first day of the movie, the box office was as high as more than 2 billion. As everyone waited and watched and appreciatively appreciating the film, it was met with a blue sky. Most of the audience said that IQ was ridiculed and completely incomprehensible Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping. Followed by an overwhelming bad review, the US group score fell to 2.6 points, so I was the first time I saw this low point, then I opened the watercress again Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, the score is 6.8 points, not particularly low. Many users of Douban praised this film in stark contrast with the US group. Perhaps most of the Douban are film critics Marlboro Lights Carton, and most of the US group are ordinary people. I have not read this film in this statement Carton Of Newports Price, so I can't make a too intuitive evaluation Marlboro Light Cigarettes, but I won't go see it. I personally know my own ability to appreciate, I guess I certainly can't understand, so I don't want to take risks. Maybe this film is not an ordinary person, only two days after those real literary youth. I have been watching this movie. At the end of the first day, its box office can be described as a mile, and the speed of the turtle can not be overstated. I decided that the film will disappear. I didn��t expect it to be affected by the movie��s word of mouth. The stock market of the film fell sharply, and the company��s market value shrank. 100 million yuan. Although the movie has deceived nearly 300 million box office, the stock market has suffered heavy losses. This kind of deceptive marketing also pays attention to causality, good cause and good fruit. The original heart of a literary film that wants to make money is good, but it uses the wrong method. By relying on the hoe, it deceives the public to buy tickets, and finally finds that the sheep's head becomes a dog, and everyone will be angry. Finally, I would like to advise everyone, if you want to make money, you must learn to be sincere.

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