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As long as a person is alive, he has a responsibility. You may not know it yourself. However, he is quietly revealed in your heart and inadvertentl week, I came to the classroom early, and the classroom was as hot as usual. I felt helpless. At this time, the class teacher came to a sudden attack. Usually, he had to wait until the evening to study. He actually went to the classroom first. The classroom suddenly disappeared Carton Of Marlboro Reds, but the first noise made him angry. He went straight to the podium and slammed the table and said, "Who is the weekly cadre this week?" I can't help but sympathize with the dear friend. For a long time, no one stood up, and the students looked at me with a brush. I suddenly realized that it was not good Carton Of Cigarettes, and I quickly stood up. After seeing the class teacher, I was facing a "Hedong Griffin" Cigarettes Cheaper. I was very intolerant by what he said. I wanted to refute him. But I thought about it. I didn��t care. I just had to sit down at the podium after he finished. on. At that moment, I was very puzzled. The whole class was noisy. Why do you only say me arrived in the second day, I was fortunate enough to take up the duties of the squad leader. However, our class was generally poorly disciplined with the first day. I didn��t care about this. I knew that the grade leader called me to talk. He said to me: "You, is the squad leader of this class?" I replied yes. He added: "What is the situation in your class, I believe that you can't know as a squad leader. I will tell you this, the squad leader of a class is the soul of a class, you, master your class, after three years. Everyone in your class will welcome the senior high school entrance examination Cigarette Online. At that time, if your class has been in this state, then the class will not be used by me to test it. At that time, who will the classmates say? You, they I will complain, why do you care about them Parliament Cigarettes, why do you let him be naughty..." When it comes to this, it is stopped, but I am like being beaten by the alarm bell. Yes, since I became the monitor, I that conversation, I felt the responsibility that belongs to me. I put away my hippie smile and began to seriously manage the work at the beginning. Over time, even the class teacher felt strange - where did the 16 classes that caused the troubles go? I, for the first time, felt that Iresponsibility is different from what I think, but on this muddy growth path, I firmly believe that responsibility will grow with me. I can do the same!

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