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In addition, in the severely water-deficient areas in northwestern China, many households rely on shoulder-handed water for daily use, and even rushing to the cattle for dozens of miles. Washing your face is already a luxury. Everyone knows that some people only take a bath once in their lives Cigarette Online. Fortunately, from the China Women's Development Foundation in 2000, the ��Mother Water Margin�� campaign was launched to build more than 100,000 leeches, helping more than 1.2 million people to get rid of their survival difficulties. In the face of these, we have no reason to save water.e future, when you watch the faucet ticking is not tightened, can you stretch the handle to tighten it? When you leave the office after work, will you check the computer and printer? But now people are very pleased that many people have developed the habit of using printing paper on both sides; everyone is happy to use energy-saving lamps; the notices and documents issued by the office papers have now been changed into electronic documents, and no one has been promoted. Paper office.ally, I want to say: Diligence and thrift is not a temporary, but an eternal topic. Let us act positively, firmly establish resource awareness and frugal awareness, ��make savings a habit�� and ��make savings a way of our lives�� Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Start with every little thing and contribute to building a conservation-oriented society with practical actions! I hope that my speech will arouse everyone's spontaneous and conscious awareness of saving. thank you all.ligence and saving from ment to ask everyone a question, is that you have achieved diligence and saving in your daily life? Didn't do it! I don't want you to say that I didn't do it before. I will see a little story I personally experienced.ay, my mother gave me three hundred dollars to let me go to a bank not far from home to pay the telephone bill. I ran to the bank. An aunt in the bank said to me: "Children, the bank's computer is broken today, and you can't pay the phone bill. You still go back." I had to leave.o the community, my sight fell on the first floor of the commissary, and I found a delicious ice cream in my mind. I think, anyway, I have so much money in my hand, I can't afford to buy fifty dollars of ice cream. So, I picked the West and bought a 30-dollar ice cream to go homen as I entered the house, my mother said with dissatisfaction: "How did you buy so many ice creams?" Mom looked at the invoice if I didn't answer. Suddenly, she said loudly: "You bought 30 dollars of ice cream without my consent!" I said: "Our family is not without money. What happened to 30 yuan?" Listen to me, my mother is temporarily I calmed my anger and told me a lot about the reason for diligence and thrift. For example, some poor children do not spend 30 yuan on living expenses for one month. I think about it, too. So I recognized my mother. this time, our family set up a diligent and economical detachment, and I was the supervisor. My father also asked me to take a small copy of my daily expenses.
in a few days, my father was fouled. It was in an evening, my mother just made a delicious meal, but Dad suddenly called and told us to go out to eat together Newport Cigarettes Website. I quickly grabbed the phone and said, "No, it��s too wasteful to have a meal at home and go out to eat. Dad, you still go home to eat." Dad quickly rushed home and said, "Our family." Everyone knows that saving is really rare." I smiled intently.tely last Sunday, my mother also fouled Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The weather was very hot that day. I was sweating outside. When I got home, my mother said to me, "So dirty, go to the hairdressing salon downstairs and wash your hair!" I immediately said Marlboro Menthol 100S, "No, at home. Washing can save a few dollars, and you can donate a large sum of money to poor children."vening, Mom and Dad boasted that I became more and more sensible. I took out a small book and told my mom that I saved a few hundred dollars this month and asked if I could give me any reward. Mom and Dad kissed me one by one and said that this is a reward. If you buy a prize, you have to spend money. The three of us laughed.

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