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There was a high dose of anticipation for Cam Newton's debut in Norv Turner’s offense. However Womens James Bradberry Jersey , the Panthers also had a new defensive coordinator to show off in their season opener. Former defensive line coach Eric Washington was promoted to call the defense after Steve Wilks’ departure to Arizona. Washington’s unit gave the better show. The run defense, blitz packages, pattern matching concepts, and overall execution was on display. Washington’s introductory remarks to Sunday’s win emphasized the effort, energy, and team work.Shutting down Dallas’ rushing attackThe Cowboys don’t make any secrets about their intentions. They want to establish the run with Ezekiel Elliott. The issue for Dallas, however, is that their game plan was predictable. They aligned in heavy sets (multiple TEs, 6 OL) to compensate for the injuries on their line. This played right into Carolina’s hands. Despite Thomas Davis’ absence, the Panthers defensive line, safeties, and linebackers read their keys perfectly. The Cowboys run a “duo” concept with multiple double teams on Carolina’s defensive tackles. Dallas’ offensive line gets solid push. Da’Norris Searcy wins his individual battle with the tight end, but the run stop is made possible by the force player Donte Jackson. He anticipates the run to close down Elliott’s angle Youth DJ Moore Jersey , but then shows off his tackling technique to limit the gain.Linebacker blitzes leading to sacksOne of my main criticisms with Steve Wilks’ scheme was his over reliance on blitzes. Blitzing is fine, but Carolina didn’t have the personnel in 2017 to be successful with a heavy volume. Dallas hired a new offensive line coach this off-season. Inevitably, there will be an adjustment period for them to get their communications in sync. Fortunately, Carolina was able to take advantage of these issues by blitzing their linebackers.There were subtle movements by the defensive linemen at the snap, which gave Kuechly and Thompson huge lanes to pursue Dak Prescott. Elliott is also late to diagnose the blitzing linebacker on Thompson’s sack.Pattern matching conceptsThe Panthers pattern matching concepts were equally effective as their blitzes. Dallas had to spread the field out in the 2nd half in hopes of scoring quickly. There is a lot going on in this play, so let’s break it down. Carolina is essentially playing a cover 3 fire zone pattern matching concept. On the weak side of the formation, Donte Jackson patrols the sideline while Searcy operates in the hook zone area.Julius Peppers drops into the fire zone while Shaq Thompson blitzes. Kuechly is reading the running back. The complex part of the coverage comes on the trips side. Bradberry and Munnerlyn are reading the releases of the receivers. When the number 2 receiver goes vertical, Bradberry immediately picks him up. Munnerlyn matches with the number 3 receiver who runs an arrow route. Finally, the number 1 receiver runs a crosser. The underneath defenders pass it off smoothly which disrupts the timing. Ultimately, Carolina is able to force Dallas into a holding penalty. While Munnerlyn’s coverage on Cole Beasley could have been better, this was an ideal circumstance of coverage and pressure working together.Here is another example of Carolina’s secondary working together to pass off and match routes in cover 4. When the receiver to the near side motions, it gives Bradberry an easy read. He’s matching the vertical route. The most impressive part of this play comes from how Carolina is able to fluidly pass off the crosser and limit the yards after catch. Washington lauded the teamwork during his presser. This is an example. Carolina had a couple breakdowns in coverage, which weren’t exploited thanks to pressure. This was a well rounded performance Youth Trai Turner Jersey , though, The Panthers defense has to take this performance and carry it into Atlanta this weekend.Cam Newton is finally a good quarterback It took almost eight years, y’all, but Cam Newton has finally become a good quarterback. The former first round pick turned in a performance for the ages against the Dallas Cowboys and has pulled his season average completion percentage up to 65%. As we all know, completing 65% of your passes on average is the absolute benchmark for good quarterbacking. It’s a black and white standard.I assume that is the story of the season. I assume that everybody who spent years claiming that Newton was overrated during his 2015 NFL MVP season, who was clamoring for Derek Anderson to start, and who has, for months, been trying to buy passage on the Taylor Heinicke bandwagon has now been quieted. That their support has been thrown unequivocally behind Cameron Jerrell Newton, efficient passer of the football, as the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers for now and hereafter.Never we mind that Newton has averaged almost 40 yards a game on the ground. Never we mind that those yards often came on critical third and fourth down opportunities. Those yards and those plays aren’t valuable when produced by a quarterback and neither are the 55 touchdowns he has rushed for since entering the league.The Panthers stuck by their first overall pick for longer than many franchises would have. His ascendancy to being a good and relevant quarterback in his eighth season qualifies him as a late bloomer. Other first overall picks didn’t receive as much as time as Newton has to prove that they were good quarterbacks. Alex Smith only received seven seasons in San Francisco, which is mathematically less than Newton’s eight. David Carr, meanwhile Youth Cam Newton Jersey , was released after four seasons by the Houston Texans.Ironically, both of those quarterbacks became good in their last seasons with their original teams. They posted 70% and 68.9% completion ratings respectively. Maybe that is the sign that this is Newton’s final year. Maybe the Panthers are just letting Derek Anderson rest for a season so that he can take the league by storm in 2019.It will be a tough call for general manager Marty Hurney, to be sure. On the one hand, Newton is now a good quarterback. On the other hand, the Panthers probably have a better chance of making the Super Bowl without him. It’s not like he ever proved capable of carrying their entire offense — kicking and screaming — through the playoffs all by himself.As for 2018, Newton will probably try to maintain his performance as a good quarterback. He can do that if he keeps his season average completion percentage above 65%, I’m told. That will probably mean he has to stop running so gosh darn much. Smiling, too. That’s OK, though. The Panthers have never been hurt by leaving a few first downs on the table, letting drives stall out, and not scoring in the red zone.

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