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; can he run his way to league MVP? Ezekiel Elliott was absolutely fantastic on Sunday in the Dallas Cowboys 26-24 win over the Detroit Lions. I havenít seen a Cowboys team ride a guy to victory since Emmitt Smith helped them win the division in the season finale against the New York Giants back in 1993. Most of have heard of that story http://www.cowboysauthorizedshops.com/authentic-cole-beasley-jersey , if you didnít watch it yourselves, where Smith would battle through a shoulder injury to help the Cowboys pull out a 16-13 overtime win. The mothership recently did a documentary on it.Smith carried the ball 32 times for 168 yards and caught the ball 10 times for another 61 yards, totaling 229 scrimmage yards. The victory gave the Cowboys the no. 1 seed in the NFC, helping them pave the way for the second of two-straight Super Bowl Championships. It was a performance for the ages.Ezekiel Elliott was used in a similar capacity on SundayJason Garrett would channel his Ď90s Cowboys team and leverage heavily on his star running back on Sunday. Zeke finished the game with a career-high 240 scrimmage yards. 152 of those were on the ground, while he added 88 more as a receiver. It was an all-around exceptional game by Zeke.Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesThere is a lot to love about what we saw from Elliott on Sunday. For starters, this kid is extremely durable. There were a handful of times where it appeared Zeke came up gimpy and headed over to the sideline. Rod Smith would come in for a play or two, but then Zeke was back out there ready to make another amazing play. When you look around the NFL and see running backs all over the league ailing right now, it makes you appreciate Elliottís durability.Leonard Fournette (hamstring), Dalvin Cook (hamstring), Devonta Freeman (knee), Joe Mixon (knee), and LeSean McCoy (ribs) have all missed time this season due to injury and weíre just a quarter of the way through the season. Zeke hasnít missed a single game in his NFL career due to injury.While his toughness provides a welcoming availability that we all can enjoy on Sundays, itís what Elliott actually does on the field that has us impressed. Zeke is a do-it-all running back. He can get you the dirty yards and he can be electrifying in space. He has the patience to wait for his blocks, and he has the burst to exploit them. He can grind out rushing yards all day, but he can also be a weapon as a receiver as well. Zekeís 38-yard touchdown reception against the Lions on Sunday marks the third-straight season heís taken a big screen play to the house. And letís not forget that amazing over the shoulder catch he had on that wheel route late in the fourth quarter.Zekeís receiving skills shined bright against DetroitWhile Elliott has done some damage as a receiver, it was the first time in his career that damage was done with his hands and not his legs.This third quarter run by Zeke illustrates how heís so good at so many different things.First, he has the awareness to stutter-step to avoid being tackled in the backfield. Then, he finds his running lane and explodes through the hole. He then uses his track-and-field star skills to hurdle a defender and heís off to the races for a big chuck of a yards. Then, my favorite part, he uses his power to make sure it takes the defensive back a good seven yards to bring him down. As Garrett would say, heís just a really good football player.Zeke is currently leading the league in rushing and to be honest Dak Prescott Jersey , itís not even close.Elliott has been one of the great running backs since the first moment that he came into the league. After Sundayís performance, Zekeís already eclipsed the 3,000 yards rushing mark. Only one player has reached it faster and itís that Hall of Fame running back who broke the NFL single-season rushing record his second year in the league... maybe youíve heard of him?While Elliott is off to a fast start career-wise, heís just now reaching the point in the season where he starts to really take off. For example:In his first two games of the year (2016, 2017, and 2018), heís averaged 65 yards per game.In his next two games (2016, 2017, and 2018), heís averaged 120 yards per game.In the two games following (2016 and 2017), heís averaged 138 yards per game.I donít know if itís his lack of reps in the preseason to preserve his health or if itís the fact that the Cowboys have always had a couple new offensive line starters in each of Zekeís years in the league, but he always starts slow only to turn it up about this time of the season. Ezekiel Elliott is just getting warmed up.With Elliottís 152-yard rushing performance on Sunday, he now has an average of 104.8 yards per game in his NFL career. That moves him ahead of Jim Brown for the all-time lead.Officially, Zeke doesnít qualify to be on this list until he hits 750 rushing attempts. He only has 637 career attempts right now, but he should make it official somewhere near the midpoint of the season as long as he doesnít dip below an average of 104 yards during those next few games.Letís continue to feed ZekeThe Cowboys will continue to put the ball in the hands of their best offensive playmaker. When the ground game is flowing, the game moves a lot slower for Dak Prescott. When the defense is loading the box, the secondary becomes a lot less congested for the receivers. Good things happen when Zekeís on a roll.If the Cowboys keep winning football games and Zeke continues to play like he has so far, you could be looking at your next league MVP. Elliott finished fourth in voting in 2016 after a great rookie season where he led the league in rushing with 1,631 yards. His greatness was overshadowed a bit by his fellow rookie teammate Dak Prescott who had a phenomenal season as well. Some werenít sure if it was Dak or Zeke carrying this team to a 13-3 record, but there shouldnít be much mystery about who the leader of this offense is now. All of this not withstanding, but Zekeís production was also downplayed due to the Cowboys strong offensive line. Ron Leary and Doug Free have since parted and Travis Frederick has yet to play a snap this year. The Cowboys have three new pieces to their offensive line since Zekeís rookie season Authentic Travis Frederick Jersey , yet Elliott appears to not be suffering any ill effects.People can try to make cases against him all they want, but heís the real deal. In last weekís playoff tracker, we looked at why the Cowboys faced a must-win game in Washington: Well, the Cowboys lost, and their playoff odds took a big dive. And even with a win against the Titans in two weeks (which is by no means a given for this team), the Cowboys will not hit the halfway mark of the season with a winning record.Winter is here for the Dallas Cowboys.What is the escalation of a must-win game? Probably a desperation game. Which is why the Cowboys face a desperation game against the Titans: If the Cowboys win and improve to 4-4, their playoff increase to 32%. If they lose and drop to 3-5, their playoff odds drop to just 11%. You might feel that these numbers are too generic and donít apply to the specific situation of the Cowboys, and that may be true. So hereís a look at the 10 seasons in which the Cowboys started either 4-4 or 3-5: 10 seasons, 7.0 wins on average, lucked into the playoffs twice, nine wins as a ceiling. And they never made the playoffs - or had a winning record - after starting 3-5. Desperation.Other metrics also project the same old Jason Garrett song and dance, barring an improbable turnaround in player and coaching performance.Pythagorean Formula: 8.2 winsElo Ratings: 7.8 winsFootball Outsiders: 7.7 winsBut this is nothing new, as we pointed out after Week 3, when we said Winter is Coming for the Cowboys.Nothing has changed. Weíre just further along into yet another average Garrett season.And keep this in mind: With another coach, the Cowboys might be sitting pretty at 5-2, but Garrettís conservative game management on the final offensive drives is a key reason why the Cowboys didnít get a chance to win both the Texans and Redskins games.What bugs me most is Garrett should know better; his conservative game management has has cost him multiple games, as Michael Strawn summarizes here in his most recent article. Garrett and his staff now have two weeks to develop a gameplan to defeat the 3-4 Titans. Fail at that task and Garrett should start polishing his resum茅 and start tidying up his desk.

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