#1 What to do if Gmail forgot password von stuard board 23.11.2021 06:01

If any user’s Gmail account has been hacked by someone or your Gmail Forgot Password then you are at the right place. Users can recover their old Gmail account if they remember their phone number or security question. On the other hand, there is another way available to recover their Gmail account if they remember their recovery email id. Once the user enters their recovery email id then you will get the confirmation code and to properly recover the account user need to enter this code.

#2 RE: What to do if Gmail forgot password von PB11022S 25.03.2022 08:23

Absolutely correct guidelines. To recover any gmail account whether it is hacked or forgotten password, the use needs to put the right phone number that was submitted and verified while creating gmail, recovery email is another way to get the new code to reset the password.. Sometime you may have to be needed to submit the birthday you added in the gmail and creating date and also last password once set up for the gmail.

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