#1 The Most Popular LED Grow Lights That Will Maximize Your Yield (In 2021) von frgrowpackage 06.09.2021 12:15

Every year, new grow lights are introduced into the market and 2021 is no exception for some of the best LED grow lights available. There is no better time than this year to upgrade your lights, as we are seeing prices drop, new technology introduced, and LED grow lights that are promising better results in every growing season. The only issue is, “Which LED grow lights are the best this year?”
Today you're getting a review of the best LED grow lights that you can currently buy. You're also going to become an LED grow light expert in less than 5 minutes. You're going to get a simplified buyer's guide that covers:
2 easy-to-use rules you can use to decide how strong of a grow light to get for your setup;
A step-by-step process to rate any LED light, and;
Tips to optimize the performance of your light and maximize your yield.
Let's get started with our most recommended LED grow light.
ECO Farm MS 660W/760W/900W Samsung 301B Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Light Strips

This kind of LED grow lights have many advantages, let’s see it’s description together:
ECO Farm MS 660W/760W/900W full spectrum LED grow light strips with enhanced red for full-cycle grows. Using Samsung LM301B high bin LEDs, efficacy is up to 2.7μmol/J.
1.No wiring needed, it takes less than 30 seconds to install a fixture.
2.0-10v auto & manual dimmable control. 2 dimming solutions, manual and automatic dimming are optional.
Passive heat dissipation design (No need for internal cooling fans)
3.Uniform Light distribution. Each light bar is evenly distributed on the 2 ends of the power supply, and the PPFD value of each point is very uniform, giving your plants the most uniform growth environment.
4.Save 50% space for the same 660W/760W/900W grow light in the market, thus could save shipping and storage space.
ECO Farm MB2 660W/720W Foldable LED Grow Light With Samsung 301B Chips Full Spectrum Light Strips

This is a kind of foldable LED full spectrum grow lights, with samsung 301B chips, which is valuable to be recommended.
Using the highest output Samsung 301B LED chips and Osram 660nm chips, efficacy is up to 2.7umol/J. High PPF is up to 1782μmol/s. Ultra-high PPFD than Fluence/Gavita.
1.Advanced Sonsen LED driver can provide higher performance
2.Full-spectrum grow light, Samsung 301B white light, and enhanced Osram red 660nm, good for full-cycle growth, high yield
3.180° Folding design, just hang it up and plug and play, very convenient and flexible to adapt to different growing areas
Standar 0-10V knob dimming, support the daisy chain RJ port
4.UL, DLC, CE, ROHS certified
5.Big Footprint: suitable for large-scale use in greenhouse, commercial growing space etc.
The above two are the LED planting lights that I introduced. They are of very good quality, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, easy to install, and are widely used in the hydroponic grow lights industry, which is conducive to high yield of plants.

If you have interests or any problem about LED plant grow lights, welcome to our website: ecofarmgreeninc.com

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