#1 What is low-code application platform? von mutaldelicate 26.08.2021 08:28

Low-code development is a way to build software applications faster by reducing the need to write code. With a low-code application development platform, you can use visual development tools—such as drag-and-drop modelers and point-and-click interface creation—to enable the rapid creation, deployment, and maintenance of powerful business apps.
Low-code programming is expected to have a dominant position in the future of business application development. Gartner predicts that more than 65% of all business apps will be built using low-code by 2024.

Because low-code assumes no coding experience, almost anyone can learn to use a low-code platform. Capabilities like component drag and drop, guided process modeling, and user interface templates help users visualize and build applications.

Low-code app development allows development teams and business users to build more applications (of any complexity level) in less time than traditional coding. With a visual development environment, low-code applications can be drawn and configured instead of coded to exponentially speed development and maintenance. Low-code application development platforms help organizations become more agile and quickly meet enterprise business needs such as workflow automation, streamlined business operations, better customer journeys, and compliance with policies and regulations.

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