#1 The panther's clothes are still tights von ccosplayA 08.05.2021 05:22

The panther's clothes are still tights, and the outline of the muscle lines on his body will be more obvious, which better highlights the characteristics of the beast.With a player base this big, players are constantly "discovering" things that many players already knew about, posting said discovery to Reddit, which attract other equally shocked players. In Marvel, Thor was originally a god, and then was demoted to a mortal. He must become a superhero through his own efforts before he can return to the gods.
Raytheon's clothes are also more demanding for the figure, which is relatively tight-fitting clothes, and the demand for the line of the figure is relatively high. Thor's whole body is basically lead-grey, including the sledgehammer in his hand, which is also this color.There are a lot of red on Thor's body as embellishments, it is obvious on his wrist, and he also has a red cloak, red and lead gray, like a heavy and passionate collision, but the red on Thor also belongs to The heavy red.

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