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The 5 oíclock club aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isnít much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.What better way to celebrate the return of the 5 oíclock club than a prediction contest?We all know that the Redskins have a Week 4 bye in 2018 Womens Josh Doctson Jersey , meaning that ó after just three games ó weíll have a weekend as September becomes October, with no Redskin football.Always one to be thinking ahead, I thought Iíd set up a prediction contest now that will allow us to celebrate a winner in the bye week, despite not having a football game for our team to play in.The Pick-6 Prediction ContestItís a pretty simple contest.Iíll name 6 NFL teams, and you have to predict the record now that each of those teams will have after Week 3.There are, of course, only four possibilities: 0-3, 1-2, 2-1, 3-0.Iíll give you the schedule for the first three weeks; after considering all the variables, all you have to do is list the records you project for these six teams:EaglesCowboysGiantsBrownsVikingsPatriotsWhoever gets the most number correct (out of a possible 6) will be declared the winner.As a tie-breaker, each entry should predict the Redskins point differential (including + or -) over the first three weeks.I will give you my predictions for each of the six teams below.Letís see if you can project the September win-loss record for these six squads with greater accuracy than I can.EaglesThe defending superbowl champs have questions at quarterback, at least to start the season.At left tackle, they have Peters returning from injury or Vaitai returning from a night in hell against Myles Garrett.Still, the team won the superbowl just about 8 months ago Authentic Matthew Ioannidis Jersey , and most of that roster is still in place.Wk 1 - Falcons - Billís prediction = home lossWk 2 - @Bucaneers - Billís prediction = road winWk 3 - Colts - Billís prediction = home winBillís projection: 2-1CowboysThis is a remade offense, with no Dez and no Witten.Zekeís suspension issue from 2017 is behind him, and Dak Prescott is in his 3rd season.The offensive line is likely to be underpowered in the first three weeks as Travis Frederick deals with an auto-immune issue that will take some time to overcome.Wk 1 - @Panthers - Billís prediction = road lossWk 2 - Giants - Billís prediction = home winWk 3 - @Seahawks - Billís prediction = road winBillís projection: 2-1GiantsThe Giants have been renovating under Dave Gettleman. Theyíve invested heavily in one side of the offensive line, but the other side is still a work in progress.They add Saquon Barkley, but that draft pick left them Ďall iní on Eli Manning.The Giants last division title was the superbowl year of 2011; since then, theyíve won 42 regular season games, averaging exactly 7 wins per season.They started 0-4 last year before all the wide receiver injuries hit.Wk 1 - Jaguars - Billís prediction = home lossWk 2 - @Cowboys - Billís prediction = road lossWk 3 - @Texans - Billís prediction = road lossBillís projection: 0-3BrownsIf youíve watched Hard Knocks, you know more about the Browns than I can communicate in this short blurb.Normally, knowing that a team went 1-31 in the previous two seasons would tell you everything you need to know.The Browns, though, are absolutely loaded with young talent.Iíve heard at least two members of the Cowboyís Ďdynastyí teams compare the feeling in Browns camp to the Cowboys of the early 90s, coming off of the 1-15 season in 1989.Wk 1 - Steelers - Billís prediction = home winWk 2 - @Saints - Billís prediction = road lossWk 3 - Jets - Billís prediction = home winBillís projection: 2-1VikingsGone are Case Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater; the new guy is someone we are all familiar with.The Vikings play stifling defense, but ó after surviving the New Orleans game due to a boneheaded mistake by the Saints safety ó the Vikings got blown out in the NFC championship game.Teams tend to do one of two things the year after a playoff result like that: come back and win a superbowl or collapse in a heap.Wk 1 - 49ers - Billís prediction = home lossWk 2 - @Packers - Billís prediction = road lossWk 3 - Bills - Billís prediction = home winBillís projection: 1-2PatriotsThere have been rumblings about the end of the dynasty.Of course, there are always rumblings about the end of the dynasty.Tom Brady is 41 years old.No player in the history of the NFL who started more than one game at that age has a winning record in those games.Can Brady beat history as well as Father Time?Wk 1 - Texans - Billís prediction = home lossWk 2 - @Jaguars - Billís prediction = road lossWk 3 - @Lions - Billís prediction = road winBillís projection: 1-2Summarizing Billís projectionEagles 2-1Cowboys 2-1Giants 0-3Browns 2-1Vikings 1-2Patriots 1-2Billís tiebreaker: Redskins scoring differential: +12To enter the contest Cheap Jonathan Allen Jersey , simply copy & paste this entry into the comments, and then fill in your predicted records for the 6 teams, and add your projected Redskins point differential as the tiebreaker:Eagles Cowboys Giants Browns Vikings Patriots Redskinsí 3-game point differential (+/-):All entries must be submitted prior to 8pm ET on 6 September 2018.If you submit more than one entry, only the last entry will be counted.To amend an entry, just reply to yourself in the comments section with an updated prediction.The winner will be announced and widely celebrated in the 5 oíclock club during the Week 4 bye week.Who's coaching this team?: Redskins running backs coach Randy Jordan Name: Randy JordanTitle: Running Backs CoachExperience: 15 yearsBio: Randy Jordan has put together a nice decade-and-a-half in the NFL so far.First, he had a nine-year career as a running back with the Raiders and Jaguars.Once he played his final season in Oakland in 2002, he immediately joined the Raidersí staff.He left after one year to coach in the college ranks.Jordan served as running backs coach at three high-profile programs over the next decadeóNebraska, Texas A&M, and his alma mater of North Carolina.He returned to the NFL in 2014, becoming the Redskinsí running backs coach.Jordan has helped shape the careers of several Washington RBs, most recently Chris Thompson, who emerged as a dangerous offensive weapon last season.Fun Fact: Jordan scored the very first touchdown in the history of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise, a 71-yard reception against the Bengals on September 10, 1995.

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