#1 What are great gifts for a dog? von mutaldelicate 29.12.2020 09:36

If he’s blind, things to throw probably aren’t going to work well unless they smell a lot or make some sort of noise so he can track them.

For up-close playing, you can make a lot of toys and other accessories yourself: rope through a tennis ball; braided ropes made of fleece or denim strips; tie-fleece or simple-sew pillows and beds. Two bed-sized pillows together - or several folded bath/beach towels - are about the right size for stuffing a bed for a dog his size. If he’s not too destructive a chewer (preferably not destructive at all - might chew on things but not wreck them), an empty plastic water bottle inside a long, knotted sock makes a nice crinkly-sounding toy.

You can go to a paint-your-own pottery place to decorate a dog bowl for him if you’d like, but I find that plain, regular kitchen bowls that don’t tip work just fine for my dog. If you want a decorative one, the decorations would mostly be for you unless he feels for bumps on things.

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