#1 How to hire plumbers? von mutaldelicate 24.12.2020 12:28

This is a significant decision that can bring you joy or heartache. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a plumber.

Consider only licensed plumbers, especially if your state requires licensing, as most US states do.
Evaluate only plumbers who can deliver proof of insurance.
Ask the plumber how long has he/she been in the plumbing industry. The more experience the plumber or company has, the better.
After the professional analyzes your plumbing, he/she should be able to give you accurate estimates of what the charge should be for solving the plumbing problem.
Ask about the guarantees (your satisfaction with his/her work) included in the pricing estimate, including new parts needed.
Ask for a list of satisfied customer references—and check them out--before you hire the plumbing professional. Are you considering hiring a contractor to solve a plumbing problem? We have the right questions that you need to ask the plumber before you do! The answers will help you choose a plumber who is qualified to solve both minor and major issues. They will also prevent you from hiring the wrong plumber - a mishap that could result in major plumbing issues that could cost you thousands.

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