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The color of the packaging filter is good Marlboro Red, and a rare piece of fine smoke and flavor. The packaging is very high-grade, suitable for adjusting the taste! I like the fragrance very much, and it is unusual and novel, and it tastes very good. It is seldom available and easy to smoke! The packaging is beautiful and elegant, the taste is more pure, and the cigarette holder is also very beautiful, which is a bit of a small letter. This smoke has a pure smell. It is inhaled and then circulated and ejected from the nostrils. It is not choking or spicy Marlboro Cigarettes, and it is quite comfortable. The taste is very soft, not so fierce, and the taste is very different from the classic. It just burns too fast, it is lingering, not dry, not choking, especially after drinking, the taste combined with alcohol is really unforgettable for a long time, very pleasant, the mellow after drinking is slightly inferior to the Confucian style, it is more pure and not Lie, 5 mg is a bright spot. I donít like Jindaís recommendation. The only drawback is that it burns fast, but itís not the smell of smoke. Its filter design has some special filters Newport Cigarettes. Live, and the smoking gesture requires three fingers to be used to smoke. Those who smoke are pretending to smoke, but they canít be sandwiched with two fingers like normal cigarettes. The latter part tastes like Cigar, and the taste is very strong, not old smokers are not used to smoking! Not only is better than other cigarettes in taste, its unique aroma makes this cigarette more attractive. This cigarette belongs to the elegant type. Its mellow aroma and elegant natural herbal plant aroma are harmonious and unified. It has a strong sense of enjoyment, and has the characteristics of elegant, full and heavy aroma. Tobacco ingredients should be composed of elegant-flavored tobacco leaves. The natural tobacco aroma type is integrated with the elegant and delicate-scented tobacco leaves. The aroma is delicate and silky, not spicy at all, and the aroma content is thick and mellow.
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