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Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday was unable to cite any evidence but "logic" that foreign governments are trying to influence the US presidential election and was unable to give even an estimate of how many people his Justice Department has prosecuted for voting fraud.

Donald Trump's hand-picked top federal attorney defended the president over and over during a combative interview on CNN, saying China – not Russia – is the country trying the hardest to shape the outcome of November's election.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer pressed Mr Barr on a range of topics, getting back short and clipped responses as the AG repeatedly appeared annoyed by a question's premise. At one point, Mr Barr claimed Beijing is pressing the hardest to shape the election's outcome, but he would not say which candidate the Chinese government prefers. (His finger-pointing at China comes as Democrats say Mr Trump has been too light on Russia over a number of actions, including taking bounties out on US soldiers in Afghanistan. )

Near the end of the contentious 30-minute interview, the CNN host asked Mr Barr for even a ballpark number of how many people Justice has brought up on voter fraud charges since he returned to the office under Mr Trump. "Several, " Mr Barr said, unable to produce a specific number or even a ballpark figure.

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