#1 Introducing Chat for Consoles in Path of Exile: Harvest von james10241515 20.07.2020 10:22

Path of Exile: Harvest launches on Xbox One and PlayStation in only a couple of days! While you're likely conscious of most of the features of Harvest, we've been keeping one console feature up our sleeves and are now happy to verify that textual chat channels are now a feature of Path of Exile on console!

This long-awaited feature are some things that we've been working really hard at and we're happy to ascertain it finally becoming a reality. many thanks such a lot for your patience while we've been performing on this!

Messages are often sent from the 'Menu' screen, items are often added to the top of your message from your inventory using L3+B keybind (Xbox One) and L3+Circle keybind (PlayStation 4). And in fact , item linking is fully supported.

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