#1 Best White Nail Designs von Oscar 14.07.2020 05:18

Crisp white nails are a classic choice — a simple white polish manicure can be an effortlessly chic look, adding a touch of sophistication to your style. But there's another reason that white nail polish should be a year-round staple in your polish rotation — it's one of the most versatile shades out there, making it an excellent base for all kinds of creative nail designs.

From cool new twists on the classic French manicure to elaborate white nail art ideas featuring gold flakes, glitter, and metallic rhinestone studs, we've rounded up some of the best white nail design inspo for when you're looking for something, well, a bit more fresh than a basic French tip. Whether you're captivated by a simple pink-to-white ombre style or a fun starry sky-inspired look, these pale and pretty designs will work for the office, weddings, parties, and beyond — not to mention keep you on trend during every season of the year.

#2 RE: Best White Nail Designs von alexand 14.07.2020 05:20

There was some miscommunication when I asked how much for both GEL MANI & PEDI + DELUXE. I thought they told me $60 total for both but in the end when it was time to pay.. I asked how much they didn't give me a deluxe manicure.. they told me that an additional $10 is only for pedi.. they didn't know I wanted both.. so anyway..
The pedicure was 10 out of 10. I forgot her name.
The manicure was 5 out of 10. I forgot her name but her daughter's name was Vivian too. She was too busy talking about her Vivian to pay attention to my nails. The gel on my nail bed wasn't perfect and some of the gel got onto my fingertips and was burning under the LED light. I kept telling her and trying to take my hands out and she would tell me to keep it in. And then she had to cut and scrape the hard gel off of my fingers when she realized that I wasn't just being dramatic about it BURNING. I'm picky when it comes to my nails because I can see all the flaws. I just don't like it when I just came from the nail salon & my nails already look like it's been done a week ago. I like for my nails to be done from the top of the cuticles and not on top of my cuticles.. and no space left in between my cuticles and nails. If that makes sense.

#3 RE: Best White Nail Designs von Sydney 14.07.2020 05:20

I've gone to Ana twice and I absolutely love her! The first time was somewhere in December last year and then my second time was today. She was great the first time and even greater today. She's nice and takes her time. I haven't gotten a mani-pedi in soooo long and it feels nice to have finally gotten one. Thank you for my beautiful toes and fingers!!

#4 RE: Best White Nail Designs von Vanessa 14.07.2020 05:20

Never again. I was literally there for 3 hours getting my nails done and they did a horrible fucking job . Don't trust the other reviews. I honestly feel played. The ladies who work there probably wrote all the good reviews. I took a chance and I'm so mad that I paid because I shouldn't have. I told her over and over I didn't like it and she didn't seem to understand. The left hand looked fine but the right had she had them alll different shapes and crooked. I left that nail shop looking DUSTY. All I'm saying is GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Don't waste your money and don't waste your time at this gross place

#5 RE: Best White Nail Designs von Oscar 14.07.2020 05:20

So it was my very first time going to Tina's and I really hoped for the best. I went in for a full set and the person who did my nails was an older woman and she was doing fine until that machine came and it was just terrible. She started to use is to file my nails but then she began to just go to my cuticles. It hurt really bad the first time but I thought it was an accident but then she did it again and again. At the end she painted my nails not so well but my cuticles hurt really bad.

#6 RE: Best White Nail Designs von etwork 14.07.2020 05:21

Every time I have came, I was always helped fast the workers are very nice. Today I arrived at 10am which is the time they "open". By the time I got there, no one was there and they didn't open until 10:10am I believe. I was quickly put to a pedicure station and waited for someone to help me. Instead of helping me, they decided to help a lady who arrived about 15 minutes after I did. I was told someone was on their way to help me, but after 20 minutes of waiting no one arrived and I was still waiting. Hoping they get more professional.

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