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"This is a pre-emptive call to ensure that national and local governments and public and private healthcare providers are prepared for a possible increase in suspected and confirmed cases," Health Secretary Francisco Duque had told reporters on Saturday. "Moving from localised transmission to sustained community transmission can happen very quickly," he said on Monday, shortly after the health emergency was declared.

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Our vulnerabilities are suddenly exposed. That, in turn, is making us more empathetic. We realise we need one another. So we offer to help, in any way we can. Those without much in life are offering the only resource they can spare: their time. A cashier at a grocery near where I live told me she now walks 6km a day just to get to work because there are no more buses, jeepneys, ride-sharing cars and motorcycles, and even motorised rickshaws on the road because of the lockdown. Riding pillion is now prohibited.

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I really hate to generalize about this stuff, because all the generalizations are only that. There are cases where women get exploited and cases where men get exploited and cases where things work out well for both. Some of the guys that come here looking for women are really naive and have unrealistic expaectations, some of the women who look for western guys are also really naive and have unrealistic expectations. One reason I suggested sticking to women of your own educational level and socioeconomic status is that communication failure and unrealistic expectations are less an issue.

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Those with looks and money are onto showbiz (everyone seem to be endorsing anything nowadays), showing off their bodies on tv, pairing up with boys that are prettier than girls and getting knocked up. They think speaking in Taglish with an American accent is synonymous to being educated and having class. Ordinary kids look up to them as their role models. We have a bright future ahead!

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