#1 Solar HVAC and Heater von Oscar 02.05.2020 03:13


I have no objection to the heading change.

You can do basically everything yourself with some tips and pointers. However the lineset for the refrigerant needs to be evacuated. Any HVAC guy who does this all the time will understand what I mean.
The compressor uses R410A and comes precharged, the evacuation is to vacuum the lines and head so theres no moisture.
Its very very standard process in the HVAC industry and identical to any other Mini Split heat pump install from that POV.

#2 RE: Solar HVAC and Heater von Medfdw 02.05.2020 03:13

Rico - so I take it Wind-Rich is your company? If you're a solar expert can you talk about that requirement as well, or are you assuming that people already have solar set up and just need to add another panel? I don't even know how to talk HVAC but how many square feet can this thing heat and cool? A "tiny house" is only about 300 sq ft. So $1760 plus solar panels seems a bit pricey for that application. I have a 720 sq foot frame house and am considering options for heat. I use a large window A/C which is working fine for the times when it's over 80 at night.

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Now, i must say (being a designer/technician myself) that 8 out of 10 a technician or light crew will generally do a more thorough installation/integration and generally have parts, fittings and fasteners, tools and techniques that the average person does not. This generally translates to better asthetics, higher performance, longevity, better product selection to start with and happier owners and users of devices in the end. It can avoid that crook-shanked gooped up, marred and vibrating machine that is only a point of pride in that it works, kinda like advertised.....

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I would say if you have a budget large enough to cover the upfront cost of the heat pump and backup heating unit as a system, then you can likely afford a large enough array for a simple grid tied net zero covering all and maybe even to run it offgrid with batteries until you require backup. In the right place and building efficiency, backup might not be needed at all. Pv, co-gen and heatpumps driving radiant distribution in high performance structures are where its at for now..... lots of work to do after decades of crap information/standards like R14 walls and ceilings in extreme climates "anything more in the way of insulation is throwing away money"

#5 RE: Solar HVAC and Heater von Oscar 02.05.2020 03:15

Hm, good info, thank you, I'll think on it. I could probably do it tech-wise, and I appreciate the tool specsl :) My thing is usually if you get install guys involved on any of it, they don't like to do just the part you want done, they want to do it all the way they always do it, and they don't understand all the other factors that are involved in why it is the way it is. They don't care about the whole design, and how things fit in, and rarely want to understand, just steamroll over you "This is how we do it!!" Yeah, well, I am not a fan of the results you get when you do it that way.... Could be I'm just an alien :) And I haven't done anything more than chat with any of the local HVAC guys, but what I heard didn't give me the feeling "yes! This is who I want to work with!" the feeling I got was "this is how we do it, because this is how we do it, no other input wanted."

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