#1 Stand up pouches von Duura poack 18.04.2020 18:53

Stand up pouches have taken the packaging industry by storm. Manufacturers of products that are liquid or granular in nature love them for the various new merchandising opportunities they provide because they will either stand on a shelf or hang on a peg during a display. Additionally, because stand up pouches are typically made from plastic or plastic/aluminum laminates, they will be printed with any number of colors, designs, or logos. This makes them stand out even more at retail.

Click More Info Suppliers of stand up pouches warn that there are special requirements if you would like to print on a stand up pouches. With any technological advancement inevitably come to additional requirements and steps, especially within the graphics field. Here, following the (sometimes complicated) instructions may result during a final product that appears nothing like what you thought you ordered. If you're not a graphics expert then use the subsequent checklist when ordering printed standup pouches to form sure that the get up pouches you ordered are what you would like.

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